Copyright: this is my idea

I made the fatal mistake of taking a shortcut home through a graveyard on the night of a full moon. Slowly a wind picked up and shadows started to dance. The moon started to turn blood red and tombstones started to rattle. Hands started to pop out of the ground. I started running trying to make it out of the graveyard, but the gate I came in was locked. I started to hear moans and groans. I turned around and ran to the only other way out. That gate was locked as well. My demise was sealed. Soon I could smell rotting flesh, the smell was strong. I slowly turned around, the zombies were almost on top of me. I knew I would be next. I looked up and seen that the moon was still blood red and that's when they grabbed me. A hand popped out of the ground and pulled me under. Slowly they began eating my flesh. The feast had only begun. I waited for death to take me, but it had other things in mind. I opened my eyes expecting to see zombies, but I only seen forest. I heard demonic howls. I got up and ran pain searing through my body from the flesh the zombies had devoured. I heard the howling of the wind as I ran from more of Hell's creatures. For they were not normal wolves they were demon wolves. I could tell from their howls. Also I knew they could smell my blood. The trees whipped around taunting me to try and fight back. The shadows danced and laughed at my futile attempt to escape the inevitable death that awaited me. I heard them howl into the bleak night. They knew that I knew they would catch me. But they loved the chase, the challenge I was for them. I hoped and prayed I'd make it knowing I wouldn't. As I was running I came across a lake that was glowing an eerie green color it was poisoned. I stopped for to long, I could now hear their paws hitting the dry Earth. I started running but it was to late. I made the mistake of looking back. Their blood red eyes stared into mine while they smiled with happiness and pleasure. I looked forward having to stop suddenly coming face to face with the leader. I knew it was over when he smiled maliciously at me. That's when they attacked with no mercy. They tore off my right arm first, I screamed in pain. Blood flowed out of my shoulder and as I looked at my arm that was now being mauled I could see bones hanging out. The leader looked at me and attacked. The next thing I know I was a ghost I watched as my body now gushed out blood. The leader looked up at me and smiled an evil smile that seemed to say although your dead I'll still hunt you. I knew then that this nightmare had only begun. I drifted along helplessly. The ground rumbled and a hole opened in the Earth. Soon I was being dragged, dragged into the Earth. The hand that dragged me burned it felt like it was burning and destroying my spiritual essence. When the hand stopped dragging me I felt like I was in an inferno. I could hear unearthly screams and see burning remains. The smell of burning flesh lingered. I knew then that I was being judged by Hell's demons. I was judged before they knew me the verdict was guilty. What I was guilty of I don't know. The demons were able to poke and prod me. I was chained to a wall waiting for punishment. They slowly destroyed my spiritual essence. Then they attacked with a vengeance. I knew then that there was no escaping this nightmare. When your judged by Hell your never innocent. I was executed slowly and painfully by Hell's executioners.