As I walk into the blocked-off room, there is a feeling of dread hanging over my head, and I know exactly why. That man is there, and he is what I am afraid of most. He treats me like a ragdoll, and worst- he takes pleasure in it. No amount of begging could ever stop his fingers from wrapping around my throat, cutting off my already asthmatic breath.

There is a reason- and one reason only- he was going to beat meā€¦again. I have a feeling it will be worse than ever before. Recently, I had an extreme asthma attack, and had been placed in a hospital's care. For almost two weeks, I was unable to do any schoolwork. Therefore, my grades dropped drastically.

Now, at this point, I often missed school for bruises to heal from my face. Because of this, I was no longer able to make-up any assignments. I did not have good marks on my last report, and he was going to beat me within an inch of my life for it.