When I Catch You

Striking eyes

Or thick black hair,

Skin that's dark

Or tan or fair.

Known for thinking

Or for your charm,

Or the scar

That stains your arm.

A soul that's dark

Or light or fun,

One of many or

The only son.

A gait that's straight

Or slouched down low

– You could have both
For all I know.

You'll be the one

To pick me out,

Or I'll have to fight

And scream and shout

And plead for all

Your sympathy

Before you even

Look at me.

Perhaps you will

Be good to me,

Then again

You might like cruelty

And playing with

This fragile heart,

As if it were

Some kind of art.

I dare to hope

You're strong and kind,

Or if you're not

I will not mind,

But there is one thing

That I do know;

When I catch you,

I won't let go.