Who do they think they are?
To mock me, tease me -
To insult me for me?
The last laugh is theirs
For the world is so chilling
Cold and so harsh
I can barely hear myself think
But when I do
On those most blessed days
I cry myself to sleep at night
And wish my ponders would stop

For all I say, for all I do
I'm still just a person
A human with feelings
That is what I am

Sometimes I feel they forget that
When they say what's on their mind
Without a care they kill my soul
And leave no trace for me to heal

And then I stare so blindly
Out into the horrid world
I wish, O so desperately
That they would just ask

People are people
I've learned that through my life
They will do what people do
As I will, too -
But I keep this truth in my heart
Locked away from where they harm
The truth that is a simple, wonderful thing
A beautiful thing called "Love"
A beautiful thing that is forgotten
Most every day, I feel
But still I realize their helplessness
And I hide my wounds and continue on
Helping them with theirs.