There's a peaceful land far away from the clutches of man. This land is called home to dragons and wyverns.

The dragons and wyverns were close to extinction, and were forced to leave their homes. They were in search of a place to call their own away from man to live in tranquility. Then they found it. It was a massive crevice in the earth filled with forests, deserts, waterfalls, and was bountiful in prey. The reason why man could never get to it was because curved mountains surrounded the area which formed a protective barrier.

The remaining dragons and wyverns separated into three major packs the Wylic, Eversea, and the Cone. The wylics were skillful desert nomads, and known for their high intelligence and tough skin. While their cousins the everseas were agile fish eaters. Finally the cones were small and robust with cone shaped tails. Every pack mostly lived in peace, and only had arguments about territory.

However, the packs are unaware danger has rose and lurked all around them in the past year. Now they will show their will to survive.