Screeches, sequels, and roars boomed in the ring. The scent of blood was heavy and pungent. Dragons and wyverns cheered their fellow pack mates on, and hoped they come back victorious with the grand prize jewels. Also, so they can gloat and boast about it.

The fighting was brutal and merciless. Every so often a competitor would've lost half his tail or an eye. Yet, they would keep brawling with the gruesome wounds.

The semifinals were about to begin. The air was filled with excitement and anxiousness.

Two wyverns entered the blood splattered ring.

One small pale wyvern grinned at his bulky opponent.

"Come on pa let's see who wins. Or are you getting too old and stupid to fight." Rasmus taunted.

Rouge growled his rage built every second at his arrogant opponent. He then charged at a frightening speed. Rasmus agilely dodged the ram. Rouge crashed his head into the wall of stone. His horns were jammed into the solid wall real good, but he pulled and twisted his horns in hopes of getting unstuck. Luckily, he got them out, but he lost the end of one horn and still had chunks of stone on them.

"It's your move." Rasmus smirked.

Rouge's nostrils were flaring with puffs of smoke. Out of pure fury he pounced on Rasmus and crushed his wing. Rasmus screeched, and then bit deep into his shoulder with horrible jerks. It was a massive fury of claws and teeth.

Out of nowhere an ear splitting scream followed by a large thud fell went into the arena. The fighters and the crowd were alarmed as they laid their gaze on the shivering stranger.

Rasmus broke the silence in the arena "A human!" he spat.

"That's not a human idiot!" a random dragon hissed from the stands "It's an elf!"

Rasmus wrinkled his nose in disgust. "No it's a human!"

"Are you blind? Look at the ears!" the dragon replied.

Rasmus and the other dragon continued their argument. While Nathan the elf started to quietly sneak towards the exit. Rasmus saw his move to escape and blocked his path to freedom.

"And where do you think you're going?" Rasmus demanded.

Nathan gulped "N-Nowhere." he gulped.

Rasmus pushed his muzzle in Nathan's face and said "That's what I thought."

Poor Nathan had to indulge Rasmus's disgusting breath. He wanted to heave so badly, but he couldn't.

"I've plans for you little shit." Rasmus growled.

The semifinals were canceled until tomorrow for the interruption. Nathan was then held captive by the Wyvile pack. Rasmus's pack mates continually told him that Nathan was an elf, but the small oaf refused to listen. Rouge the pack leader accepted that Nathan would be a prisoner to make his son Rasmus to shut up.

Nathan spent the rest of his terrible day in the rotten prison. The prison wasn't that hard to get out of, but Nathan felt protected in there and decided to stay. He was actually somewhat glad to be in the dusty cell then face the danger that's out for him.