"Knock, Knock"

Written by

I. T. Ersoy

There stood a girl,

Whose golden curls,

Shine and shine,

Not whine and whine

Suddenly the girl

With golden curls,

Heard a sudden

Noise just then,

"Knock, knock,

Did you lock?"

The girl unlocked,

Then looked shocked

At the young blonde

Whose brown wasn't bond

The girl closed and locked

Silently mocked

As the blonde was sad

And doesn't look glad

The girl tried to write with a pen,

Then, but then:

"Knock, knock,

Again you lock!"

Suddenly, on the bed lied

The girl that cried

And sad was she

How can she be?

She stood up and

Said to the magic band

"Oh, dear band,

I'm not going to land"

Unfortunately, writing with a pen

Then, but then:

"Bust, bust,

Break down the door I must!"

Then, the girl's locks

Split by docks,

In came the blonde fox

Scaring off the girl's socks

The girl screamed

And fell apart then dreamed,

"Knock, knock,

I must lock!"

Soon, she jumped up

And suddenly locked up

Her bedroom door

And stood there nevermore

Ran and ran, the young girl

With such beautiful golden curls

Into the forest

For her best