There had once been a time when the world seemed to be experiencing a second renaissance; new technologies where saving lives, ending famine, and leading to a new sense of peace and brotherhood throughout the world. A veritable Eden some had optimistically called it. But then the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket following the cyber meltdown of 2025. Whole countries collapsed and civil war quickly became the word of the day; it was a horrible time of bloodshed, destruction, and warlords. It became a time of great change too. Some countries had managed to maintain their borders and their governments throughout the conflict; but only as shadows of their former selves. While others were been totally obliterated. Many of those that fell reemerged as new nations. The North American Freedom Coalition, born from the ashes of the United States, was one of those nations.

Miya had been young when the NAFC was formed, but she'd seen enough of them in there days as the Christ's Soldiers to know she hated it. Her older brother had been killed while trying to resist some Christ's Soldiers goons. One day in the winter they had come to the refugee camp were Miya and her family were living. Things were already hard because of the ongoing war to retake Canada; supply raids were frequent and they could barely survive on what they had. Another supply raid was the last thing they needed.

She still remembered the roar of their engines and the screams of refugees, as they drove into the center of the camp, firing guns off into the air and shouting. They formed a circle and quickly spread out,herding people towards the center of the camp for inspection. Anyone who they thought looked healthy enough was drafted then and there. In huddled masses they gathered as the soldiers sized them up like cattle while others began tearing through their belongings searching for anything of value.

"The Lord thanks you for your most generous donations to his Holy Crusade." A man announced standing on top of one of there vehicles. He was their leader, his slack jawed toothless grin still filled Miya with disgust and rage even after all these years. "But I am afraid my men will need more than just worldly goods to satisfy them." He'd said, a predatory grin on his grimy face. The Men chuckled and closed in on them, dragging women back into their homes. Miya could hear their screams of protest and the sickening laughter of the men.

When one of the soldiers had tried to take Miya's mother her brother Matt snapped and tried to fight them off. He had been big for his age and been lucky enough not to be drafted yet. He'd managed to take the man by surprise tackling him around the waste before one of the other soldiers hit him over the back of the head with the stock of his gun. He'd crumpled and fell as the man he'd assaulted rose to his feet, he began kicking and stomping Matt and several other soldiers joined him. Miya and her mother watched in transfixed horror; unable to do anything to help.

"You'll learn your lesson well enough you backwater bastard" One of the men said aiming a vicious kick at Matt's kidneys. All Mat could do was lay there curled up in a ball waiting for it to end. Miya's mother had begged and pleaded for them to stop but there was nothing she could do, they'd just laughed and continued kicking him. Two men stood on either side of her and Miya with guns pointed at them; smug grins of satisfaction plastered across their faces.

"Enough!" barked the soldiers leader "we have spent enough time amongst the Sinners let us continue onward in the name of our Lord." One of the soldiers paused to spit on Matt's face before he walked away. As soon as they had gone Miya's mother rushed to her son's side. Grabbing him in her arms she saw that his nose was broken, his lip was split, and he was spitting out several of his teeth. Miya could hear his rasping breaths, and he kept coughing up blood. They had quickly taken him to the healer's tent as soon as they could, hoping to save him; but the healer had reluctantly informed them that several of his ribs had been broken and one of them had pierced his left lung. He died that night, Miya's mother spent the night wailing by her dead son's side. The next day he was buried in their tiny graveyard and Miya swore that she would do everything she could to fight Christ's Soldiers.