Part 15

Something had gone terribly wrong. Morrigan stood there trembling with barely controlled rage, his fists clenched tightly as his side and his jaw set. "Victor if you could please escort Miss. Odel back to the Embassy, I would like to have a word with Sam." Morrigans lips barely moved as he spoke through clenched teeth, his tone flat and cold his face flushed.

"Should I stay as well ?" Felix asked, he seemed wholly unaffected by the situation unfolding before him.

"Why should any one have to leave ? We are all brothers here are we not ? And Miss O'dell does have a story to report; it would be rather rude of you ask her to leave now. I hadn't even finished my interview." A wicked grin flashed across Sams face as he goaded his brother tension in the room was oppressive, Miya had been in combat zones that she felt more comfortable in.

" If you'd like I can answer any of the questions you might have on the ride back to the embassy." Victor said placing one of his large hands on Miyas shoulder and leading her out of the room. Part of desperately wanted to stay and hear what was said, she knew it obviously had something to do with Sams reveal about his connection to the Church. But why would he have kept it secret from his brothers. Unless he didn't and perhaps that was why Morrigan looked like he was about to savagely beat his brother. Either way Miya was grateful to be getting away. Besides, she told herself, Victor told her he would answer her remaining questions so it all worked out.

Once Miya and Victor had left the room and gotten far enough away Morrigan erupted "You insolent little bastard ! What the fuck were you thinking !" Veins bulged around his eyes and his face went as scarlet as his beard. " Do you realise what you have done ? Do you know the kind of danger you have put us all in ? Do you even care ?"

"Whats the matter brother ? Did things not go as you had orchestrated ? I told my story, not the lies you concocted, thou shalt not bear false witness." Sam was still reclining casually in his chair.

A huge serpentine vein throbbed on Morrigans temple. "Enough of your sanctimonious babble ! You truly do not see what you have done, or the innocent lives you have put at risk." Morrigan threw up his arms in frustration and began angrily pacing the room clenching and unclenching his fists as he did so.

" What do you care for the lives of the innocent ? I found out what you and Felix did while I was away. An attack on the journalist as soon as she arrives ? What was the point of that ? To make you the hero in her eyes ? To convince her of 'our glorious cause' ?"

"It was actually a weapons test, a fairly successful one at that." Felix spoke up for the first time since the exchange had begun, he was looking absently out the window picking his nails and watching the streets below with a disinterest. "The fact that they chose to target Miyas convoy above all others shows there hatred for her, I told you we picked the right one for the job."

" Human testing again !" Sam flew from his seat throwing it backwards to crash against the wall behind him; it erupted in a shower of splinters and stuffing. "Have you forgotten what happened last time ? Why we vowed to never do it again ! Yet you accuse me of putting lives at risk while you kill two men !"

Morrigans rage once more overcame him, all he could muster was a series of grunts, groans, and exaggerated facial expressions and wild flailing of his limbs. After a short while he gave up and slumped into his chair once again and gestured for Felix to take over.

"What Morrigan is trying to say is this test was nothing like our previous ones, we needed to test our Interrupter Shielding and our Personal Defense Matrix. We equipped all of our patrols with them because our intelligence warned us about insurgent activity. We also knew that Miss O'dells convoy would be a target, the men who died protecting her volunteered for the position fully aware of what they were doing and the inherent risks involved in the undertaking. Felix turned from the window to stare at Sam for a moment before turning back to face out the window "What you did, was insult a national leader and insight rebellion in his country. We know that the Church already attempted to kill you once already and now you've put our nation in there crosshairs as well. The only option left to us is war."