the days i'm in the sky, i'm sure you'll be alright holding to me tight

but when the night falls my wings will fade

so stay on the ground my dear, the earth is to rough for yourself

once i land my story will too fade in the dark night

it's alright my creased footsteps arnt gone so follow my trail

we'll find the hidden secrets sometime and the frail

your eyes will widen and tear up at the sight of a new love

i can only dream my dear but its okay no fear

run if you need but stay where your in need

crease your body in the falling snow

your marks are to remain, i'll always know

turn your face my dear let me see the living angel

my tears shiver down my face for you walk through me

now its my turn to see the light following me

dead widows gather heading toward me

reach her gentle hand for me take the kind gesture

take the push to embrace your ending

surround your loving atmosphere somewhere new

only can night become day and day become night

whats to say dead become life and life become dead

the new world awaits on the other side

clenching the exitment of understanding lifes methods

but my dear you wont be forgotten nor eraesed

my dear your presence will merely be a new relation

our hearts disconnect to meet again

fear is gone from my mind

pain is an old fairytale

my dear

grant a wish for the old

my dear

dont suffer

my dear only miss