Pushing Me Away,

You claim you don't

Love to do it.

You don't want me

To hurt.

Then why,

Why do you

Do it at all?

To protect yourself?

I've proven enough

I will not harm you

Haven't I?


Must not have

After all

You've been hurt

By those you trusted


I wish you could see

Yourself in my eyes

Maybe you would know

The light you are

In another's life.

You know pain

You know misery

You know flame

And you know



It hurts me knowing

That after all I've done.

All I've said.

You may possibly still

Try to

Push me away.

But there's nothing

I can do.

I've confessed

Just about everything

To you.

It's possible you know me


Then anyone.

Which makes me wonder

I know you

Quite well

For all you've said

And done.

You are unsure

Of the future

But nobody is certain

Risk is involved.

With those you care about.

But I know something

And deep down you do to

If you continue

Pushing me away

It won't be only I

Who hurt

And it won't be only you

If you continue to be

Pushing me away

We will both be


So stop

Stop while you can


Pushing Me Away