The Demon Inside

It haunts me to this day

I know what people fear

When even a slight annoyance

Appears in my eyes.

My eyes, caring

And filled with soul

Turn ice cold

And intimidate

The strongest of people

Is that why

Nobody messes with me

Like they used to?

Do they see the monster

Deep down

Locked away

That I used to be?

I locked it away

It's okay



Care about me?

See me for

Who I am

See this

Demon inside

And don't hesitate

But embrace me instead.

I didn't ask for it

I don't want to hurt anyone

I'm not who I was

I'm different


But these people

They anger me

They terrorize me

They hate me.

I can't blame them

I'm just another

Piece of garbage

Roaming about

In life

Without purpose.

But the demon inside

He is slowly

Waking once again


I can't let it

I care about someone


You don't care

Because I'm certain

They don't.

The moment

Someone crosses the line

So carefully made

After all this time

There will be no turning back

It will awake

Break the cage

The demon inside

With all its rage

Will be free.

And it will never

Be locked away again.

Someone, save me

Save me before it's to late

I don't want to

Be a monster

Not again.

I learned what it's like to care

I don't want to hurt them.


Why do I bother

There is no point.

After all

Who can see

The demon inside

And still love me?

The thing is,

Nobody can.