This is my 1st poem on here, so I hope you like it :#3

I have been living an Illusion all my life

One day I will finally open my eyes, and see the world as it truly is

But when I do I will wake up to a nightmare

We are blind to the corruption of our society, and the evil of the power it holds

I want to live in a world were mothers and fathers do not have to hide their children

Where people can walk the streets and know that they will not be killed

That dream could happen, but not without change in our ways

The stubbornness of our government has led to many deaths and we have done nothing to stop this

If we want to live in peace, why must we use violence to get there?

I ask these questions, knowing I shall not get an answer to them.

But I still pray that maybe, just maybe someone somewhere, will figure out theses answers and whisper them to the ears of the people who will listen.

Only then, will we be able to change, but for now I will continue to live this Illusion