I'll Be There

She's sitting in a little, white space with her arms tight around her knees. there's uncertainty and it's obvious to you so you draw a little line underneath her

thick so that She knows where down is. so that She can see,

so that She doesn't have to even think about it.

it's a little confusing at first, but She grows to understand the line. the boundary.

you reach out and make another line, at her side this time. She leans up against it, pushing a little to test its give and there is none

but She relaxes after a time, making herself comfortable. She no longer has to prop herself up on her own and this brings a small amount of gratitude.

She's smiling tentatively and you're thinking

good. good, now I know that this is the right thing

this is what she wants

it's not satisfaction that leads you to draw the next line

She's getting curious,

tipping her head over the edge of the first line and gazing down into the empty space below her.

this irks you so when She leans back momentarily your hand moves quickly so that She's sitting in a box without a lid.

She presses at the sides of her box and tries to straighten her legs in the small space

but her efforts are futile because the sides aren't shifting and the space isn't getting any bigger

there are visible signs of distress and She's looking around-for anything

for anything which will get her out.

An idea sweeps over her and She is standing up, standing up and reaching over the edges of the box

She's trying to climb out so without even thinking you give her a shove

you give her a hard shove and She falls back into the tiny box and before She can try again you draw the fourth line. quickly, and the line is thick, much thicker than any of the others because

i'm only trying to protect you. this is for the best, you'll see. you will,

i promise.

She stands as tall as She can in the space-only to two thirds her height,

and lifts her hands to push the top line,

to push it away, and then to test its surface for confirmation: this is no way out.

She drops to the bottom where the lines are thinner and starts clawing with her nails until she is bleeding

so you draw around her, covering up the damage with new lines.

with each new line the space is decreasing in size but you are hardly noticing because She is still trying to find a way out and you are still trying to tell her:

i'm only trying to help you. i just want to help you. if you would just let me help you then I wouldn't have to do this

you're noticing something.

She's slowing. She's losing momentum, sinking to the bottom of the space. She slumps against the sides of the box and you're noticing that each breath is a little more laboured than the last

because you've trapped her. you've trapped her in this box and now She is suffocating.

so how can I make her see?