How long have I been trapped here? This crimson room is all I can see, and have seen for a long time. A year, maybe? I have tried escaping, but it's pretty impossible. My cage has four chambers, but I only stay in this one. It has the only way of escaping. That big, black hole on the ceiling. But I can't reach it. So what's the point? There's nothing to climb on in this room. In fact, I'm the only thing there. I feel lonely.

I stare, unblinking, at the blood-red walls, as I do every day. It is the only thing to do, other than wandering about the different chambers. Besides, I find the expanding and contracting walls rather amusing to watch. I also hear a rhythmic thumping sound.

But I don't get what it means. Where am I? No one has tried to save me. Maybe no one cares. I look to the red, thumping floor. A shadow cast onto the floor. A circle…and five…sticks? It looks just like…

The hand slowly reached into the hole. Immediately, I grabbed it and it pulled me upwards. Perhaps…I can finally be free? I thought too soon. Before I could reach the hole, all movement stilled. I began to fall backwards, pulling the hand with me. We landed on the cushiony floor. A girl my age with shoulder-length brown hair looked to the ground with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she said.

Why was she apologising? It wasn't her fault. She tried to save me. But I'm too heavy. Now she's stuck here too. Maybe…we could become friends? Even if I was the one who dragged her-

A scream echoed throughout the room. The girl was being sucked into the floor. I tried to grasp her flailing hand. The hand that tried to save me. But I'm too late. My only company was gone. I am alone again.


Eyes full of rage, I gripped the fleshy floor and yanked. The material ripped as a red liquid spewed from it. "WHERE IS SHE?!" I yelled.

Never stopping, destroying the red room to find the girl. Why couldn't I save her? Nails clawed the walls apart, rabid eyes scanned the devastated room. No where was the girl to be found. My chest hurt a lot. Why?

For weeks I continued searching, destroying every one of the four chambers, searching maniacally for the girl. But she was nowhere to be found. Gone. Lost from me. I will never be able to thank her.

It has been about a month since then. I have given up all hope of finding her. I continue my usual routine of sitting and waiting. On the cold, hard, grey ground. Since my failure, the red room has turned a pale grey. The fleshy walls, hard and cold as stone. The walls still move, but now at a slow, melancholy rate. I can't feel anything in my chest anymore.

It was about a year before the next hand came. I refused to take it, fearing the same thing would happen. But the hand remained, for months, as if trying to say "Trust me." It took another month before I finally reached for it.

As I was zipped upwards, I notice the room losing its monochrome colour, turning slightly redder. My surroundings passed in a blur, as I was pulled upwards at an oddly quick speed. Maybe…I could finally escape.

At that moment, the hand halted. I was halfway between the hole and the floor, awkwardly hanging on to an unmoving hand. Waiting…waiting…waiting. Why wasn't anything happening?

The hand immediately let go of me. I fell backwards, back into the dreadful red room. Still, through my screams, I could distinctly make out the sound of retreating footsteps.

The floor was still half-hard. The impact from me hitting the ground sent an echoing "CRACK" throughout the room. Bone stuck out from my elbow. But the pain in my arm couldn't compare to that in my chest again. Why did my chest hurt so much if it was my arm that was broken?

Tears streamed down my face and dripped onto the once again cold hard ground. Why…does this keep happening? Am I seriously this naïve, to think people would try to rescue me? What did I do wrong? Why does this happen to only me? Why am I condemned to being locked up in this vile place?


Now I just lie on the concrete ground, motionless, except for the painful rise and fall of my empty chest. My existence seems utterly meaningless. What was I meant to do, meant to be, before I was caged here?

A month came and went. My arm still hasn't recovered, probably due to the lack of medical supplies. Ah well, I've gotten used to the pain. Then, yet another hand came. I rolled my eyes. 'As if it'd really help me. Why should I even bother?'

I've faced the fact that I'd never escape. The pain in my chest started to ebb away. I go up to the hand and swat it away. I've had it with all of the tricks, all of the failures. The room is, once again, pale grey. So monochrome, with the only hint of colour being me. And the hand.

After a few weeks, the hand was still there. Sometimes, I find myself reaching for it, but I always retract my arm. However, one (gloomy and uneventful) day, I decided to take the hand. I mean, what's the worse that could happen? The floor would just catch me again, and I would take any chance I get to escape, probably.

Slowly, the hole grew closer and closer. As I made it past the halfway mark between the wall and floor, I knew this time was different. The more I rose, so did my trust in my rescuer, and the red in the room. The grey faded to red, and I smiled. My luck has turned, for the better.

The second I reached the hole, the room had turned a rich, crimson colour. I… was free! I was finally out of the room! The area out of the hole wasn't as lively as I'd expected, but it was still beautiful. I turned to face my rescuer, and grinned, "Thank you!"

The brown-haired girl before me returned the grin. 'Perhaps…we could become friends?' I thought.

At that moment, the girl's happy grin morphed into one of hatred, and evil. "HAHAHAHAHA! YOU REALLY THOUGHT SOMEONE WOULD COME TO SAVE YOU?! Why would anyone even bother? You're just worthless TRASH you know! What are you even doing here, alive? Stop waiting for people to accept you! Hell, no one even CARES! I'm just here to tell you this, so why don't you make things easier for EVERYONE and get the hell out of our lives!"

I couldn't say anything… I couldn't breath… All of me hurt so badly… Tears streamed down my face…And in my blurred vision, I did not notice her advancing towards me, until it was too late.

Immediately, I was shoved backwards. Back into the dark hole. My hair fluttered about, my tears wouldn't stop flowing, even as I fell. The walls of the room were torn and ripped, crimson liquid oozing everywhere. The walls started convulsing madly. The pain in my chest was unbearable. And suddenly, it froze. My body went numb.

Then the whole room shattered, leaving me to drown in a black abyss.

Author note: The room she's in is actually her heart. I apologise if it wasn't clear enough. So yeah, the rest of the story should make more sense now right?