Yo sorry just got this account and I already have writers block for my first story...I'm lame I know. Anyway

Here is a song recommendation:

Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Angel's Music AMV

And here is some advice: Dreams in your sleep are not dreams to follow, dreams that you follow are what consume you and become all that you are.

The sea is full of cool blue ember flames

Fire scalds my skin with its hot red waves

My heart is thinking of foolish things again

My mind beats with jumbled thoughts and unknown things

Where is the light that leads to the end?

Where is the darkness that leads to beginnings?

I walk along the crumbling beach searching for such things leaving behind the golden flames

I see no light from anything other than the starry sky

And the darkness is only small shadows from the rocks that have been beat down by the blue moon

And then by blue ember sea and far away from the hot waves I have travelled to find what my heart has always craved

It seems that the light shines brightest on the tallest cliff and below it is a never-ending darkness inside the coolness of the sea

I want the sea's ember flames to burn me drag me down into its depths and send me to the red flames of endless eternity

At the top of this cliff

At the end of the ocean

I find this place

Where the light shines on to my soul and the darkness embraces a new child to hold safely in its embrace