Wendell the Worm

By: hal99

Wendell the worm was strolling along

When all of the sudden he heard a sweet song

He followed the tune with his miniscule ear

And to his displeasure a bluebird appeared!

He wriggled and struggled and inched away fast

He knew that at this rate he just wouldn't last

That bird could have eaten him up in a flash

But then Wendell heard the world's biggest splash.

The bird seemed to follow him this way and that

So Wendell just hid in and old, littered hat.

The bird once again sung his usual song

But this time he thought that he should sing along

He hummed oh so loudly, in tune with the bird

They sang in such harmony, everyone heard.

Soon an old man put the hat on his head,

Now Wendell knew that he soon would be dead.

But to his surprise, he saw the songbird

And got oh so nervous, he said these all these words:

"Be gone fellow artist! Please let me be free! I BEG singing

Songbird have MERCY on me!"

The worm just waited for the bird to respond but instead

Started singing his usual song.