This is a story of the love girls dream of, I think. I'm sorry I have never fallen in love and I made this a stereotypical dreamlike one. Please criticize my story, I would appreciate the commentary to use in future works!

Also for future reference my song recommendations are actually videos on youtube. The thing below is the name of the video that someone made, but trust me it is absolutely amazing and I will only put absolutely amazing ones on here, so please don't type in Happy Birthday Mae and expect to find the song...well maybe you would but still.

Song recommendation:

[EBullientDesigns] - Happy Birthday Mae

Anna smiled brightly at the boy across from her, her hazel eyes doused with love and admiration.

The boy, Nathan, just continued talking about his day. His eyes full of naivety and happiness, blind to the affections of the girl across from him and his own feelings.

At a table across the cafeteria all the way on the other side by a window, another boy sat watching the girl. His eyes full of jealousy and devotion and love. His name was Lawliet and he loved the girl who was in love with the boy, and knew that his chances were slim to none.

But they all still tried.

Anna stayed by Nathan's side.

Nathan was living his life.

Lawliet talked to her whenever he could.

As things were becoming peaceful and Anna and Lawliet were content with the way things were, a strange thing occured.

Another girl.

With Nathan's arm wrapped snug around her waist, eyes shining bright with the same love Anna showed him, and Lawliet showed Anna.

Anna cried and felt a hole in her chest.

Nathan was living his life.

Lawliet was there for her, comforting her with words only he could use.

It had only gotten worse for Anna though, with each passing day just staying by his side was like trying to stop the tears from shedding when she was alone. Almost impossible.

She could no longer be by his side, his time preoccupied with the girl, whose name she refused to remember.

She compared their hair. Her own straight raven locks were dull in comparison to the curly hazel waves of silkiness. She felt that her hazel eyes were mud compared to the blue sparkling sapphire, and that her subtle curves were nothing compared to the voluptuous body that oozed with confidence.

She had felt like trash whenever she saw her with him.

Lawliet saw this and he said to her in a soft whisper on a drizzling day inside of the silent library where she spent her days mourning the loss of her first love, " I have never met a girl more beautiful. I fell for your smile, and I was stunned by your loving gaze. Though it was not for me I could only wish it was. Looking at you was like a dream. Talking to you after only watching was the best day of my life and every time after as well. Spending time with you after watching and talking, was time that I would never trade for anything in the world. There is so much more, that I could tell you that made me fall for you, but I will only tell you one more thing." instead of saying she was more beautiful than the girl or that the boy did not deserve her he said,

" Please smile like you used to, not even nature can stand to see you cry, for even now it cries for you and prays for your radiant smile to grace your lips once again."

Anna was stunned and had never even dreamed that anyone would say those things to her. Whether it be a lie or the truth she knew one thing. She had never felt happier, not even those times she spent with Nathan could compare.

She hugged Lawliet tightly and smiled, tears of joy fell down her cheeks, " Lawliet I don't know if what I feel right now for you is love, and maybe it's too soon. But right now I want to be with you, and I'm sorry." She was sorry for putting him in the same situation she was in. She was sorry for making him hurt, she was sorry that she was blinded to the truth.

Lawliet smiled and ran his strong hand through her hair, his other hand found hers and he laced them together.

" I love you Anna, you have nothing to be sorry for."