America is not a melting pot

Individual colors shine through

Black and white

brown and yellow

racism and discrimination

condensed to terms a four year old could understand

if we were melted together

we wouldn't even have labels

we're more of a salad

parts of different wholes

divided and torn from each other

side by side

vaguely aware of others

slathered over with a dressing

of artificial Americanism

to make us seem like a more perfect union

Can we make the deep hues of bellow?

Or the beauty of blite?

These are colors you've never heard of

because you're too used to the words

that your parents taught you to refer to people-

but not even that

in reality you speak of the melanin contents of their skin

like it's the contents of their hearts

and you affirm your personal prejudices

based on if I'm

black or white

brown or yellow

or any other color in the rainbow of the population

like the rainbow salad you ordered from the American restaurant down the street