It's simple. Everybody needs to start 'doing it' with everyone else i.e. a black guy does it with a white girl and their baby does it with a Latino etc etc etc. After a few generations, we will all look so weird slash beautiful that no one will be able to discriminate against us. They won't know what the heck we are by looking at us.

Plus, I think people with mixed ethnicity are generally more attractive because they don't look like everyone else. I live in the Midwest. And not to be discriminatory, but if you've seen one pretty, round-faced, corn-fed blond girl you have seen them all. However, a Tica in Costa Rica can look like anything because of all the tourism and different ethnicity of the resident. Ticas are almost always the most gorgeous women. So that is my solution: Let's GET IT ON people and worry about the obvious population control issues later. Just don't forget to 'suit up'... Oh snap, that won't work if we are trying to have babies.

Legen...wait for it...dairy