Part I


Chapter 1: Next Gen

The soft hum of the wind drifts through the trees of Hazmat ravine, just a few miles away from the peace of Harrow City, the pinnacle of the Air Colonies. The year is 3012, the hundreds of countries of Earth had merged their factions into nine countries, under the Earth's new name of Liser Nau'ur. These nine factions were created four hundred years ago, when a DNA meteor crash spread a virus around the ravaged Earth, deformed by the nuclear-happy World War III.

The creatures known to man at this point were referred to as Bio-X, translated from the latin words "Life Unknown", and based off of Earth's main nine elements: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Terra, Freeze, Iron, Air and Shadow.

The last element, claimed by philosophers to be a myth as old as the Bio-X themselves, was the Infinity element. Only one Bio-X was believed to fit in this class: Supranova, god of the Bio-X. When humans met Bio-X, Supranova put the newly generated Bio-X to work, rejuvenating Liser Nau'ur to it's former glory of Earth. Bio-X and humans then formed an alliance, eventually leading to humans capturing Bio-X and fighting each other. Most considered this an honor to be skilled at the profession, designating themselves as Clashers. By this year, the number of Clashers peaked, mostly due to the inspiration of the Wolfpack, a mostly secret organization consisting of the best clashers of the nine countries.

For Jessica Windstorm, this was probably as normal of a day as it could get. At least for the first few waking hours, that is. Every morning, she ate her normal breakfast, took her normal walk up Dearth Ravine with her Syncher. Most people in the sector, let alone the whole continent, preferred to use Air Bio-X, but this one Jessica just couldn't let go of. She had found it three years in her past, scavenging from a dumpster a block away from the entry to the city. The electric cat was quite thin, black patterns lining it's body and it's tail, which held an electrical plug to sap energy from outlets.

As with most citizens of Harrow City, Jessica cared for her Bio-X, unlike the Shadow Nation, which used Bio-X for the war machine as a replacement to nuclear weapons that were banned from construction the day WWIII ended. But today... as Jessica might put it, didn't feel right. The moment Syncher stopped moving in fear, the ground shook hard enough to summon Supranova from hibernation. Knowing it was not an earthquake, the citizens of Harrow city looked up in fear. War had not reached the border of their continent for almost five hundred years at the end of World War III.

Jessica was more concerned about her Bio-X, checking Syncher before looking up. Three giant balls of fire engulfed parts of Hazmat Mountains. Deciding that she could make it up there in less than thirty minutes, Jessica's curiosity overrode her fear. Gesturing to Syncher, the two raced off into the mountains, eager to find the source of the cause of a total adventure.

Meanwhile, a sixteen year-old boy ducked under an outcrop of rock, avoiding the explosions in the middle of Hazmat Mountains. Scooping up his BioBox, a containment unit for Bio-X, the teenager yelped as a blast of the void between dimensions detonated near his small temporary shelter. A devil's offspring, almost literally, stomp, hiding from the purple, demon-like creature for the right time to strike. As soon as the dust cleared, the boy bolted. Travis Sparknition, prodigy of the Wolfpack, slid down the mountainside and through the crevice until there was no crevice. The demon creature chasing him was a Fearshift, and it was holding it's favored weapon, the Darknostaff. If touched for more than five minutes, the subject's immortal soul would be split away from their bodies, leaving an empty shell behind.

Travis had hoped to avoid a similar fate, instead finding a wall between freedom and his soul being sucked out. He chose the former option. Scrambling halfway up the avalanche, the clasher fell to the ground, moaning in pain as dust caked his jeans and orange sweater, the sleeves cut off to show a black undershirt.

"I think we've captured our cat," a voice cackled from the cloud of rock soot, a figure stepping into the fray. The Fearshift seemed to belong to him, simple to figure out because of it's deep kneel. Travis looked up at the figure, smirking a cocky grin.

"Jack Spookmore," Travis groaned while he crawled out of the rubble, pulling out one of his BioBoxes. "And here was me thinking you'd send a few of the Night Guard to kill me. Never expected a personal visit." Activating the BioBox, the box split into green grid lines. A Purrlit, a small cat with a flame on it's tail, mewed with passion, yet lacking the strength to scare anybody in the crevice. On the contrary, it only seemed to make Jack laugh.

"You think that little thing is going to beat me?! What a joke!" Jack cackled. His breath, mint- scented, reached Travis's nose severel meters away. Jack was a six-foot tall brunette, hair reaching down to his shoulders. Clad in Shadow Marine gear, he almost blended in with the generic Shadow Nation army.

"You'd be surprised," Travis smirks, "Size makes no difference. In fact, smaller is better! Purrlit, Flamethrower!" Purrlit shoots red flames out of it's mouth, the embers tightly clustered and streaking towards Fearshift. The attack connected, Fearshift's body knocked back long enough for Travis to put his BioScanner, the master key for his BioBoxes, in his back pocket. Something was downloading. A Bio-X upgrade, not for Purrlit, but another Bio-X involved in his escape plan.

"Fearshift! Back on your feet!" Jack roared, Fearshift wincing back onto it's feet. The powerful tactic had taken it's toll on Fearshift. Travis grinned in victory as Fearshift stumbled back.

"Time to intiate phase two!" Travis shouted, throwing another BioBox. A velociraptor Bio-X, a battle helmet covering it's top half of it's head. Almost instantly, greenn grid lines formed wing shapes, the wings becoming reality, the same color of the Bio-X's orange skin.

"I'd like to introduce you to Rapinardo!" Travis announced happily, jumping onto the back of the Rapinardo, "Love to stay and finish the fight, but I've got other Orbs to collect. See ya, Spookmore!" Deactivating Purrlit, Travis shot off into the air, Rapinardo's balled feet attached to Travis' shoulders.

"W-w-why you..." Jack spluttered, "Fearshift, Shadow Blast!" Fearshift, barely able to stand, fires a weak flare void at Rapinardo, which instinctivly jolted to one side. Travis, laughing childishly in victory. Cockiness eventually lost it's winning streak when a blast from Fearshift's Darknostaff grazed Rapinardo's right wing. Smoke began billowing from the wound, it's victim beginning it's mile-long fall to ground level, along with it's owner. Travis, hoping to save his Bio-X from the deadly drop, activated a button on his BioScanner. Rapinardo instantly exploded into glowing white pixels, all of the particles floating into the control panel of the Bioscanner.

Travis began his thoughts of death. He knew what death had almost felt like, experience giving him that feeling. His prayers to the Biogods were interrupted quite rudely by a pine tree, one that angled down, allowing him no death, but on the verge of unconscious. The world around him faded, the last sight he saw was sliding down the mountain, before fading into the void.

Meanwhile, Jessica pulled herself up the mountain, looking for the site of the explosions. The explosions were still ten miles up the mountain, as noted by a sighing Jessica, who lifted Syncher up the cliff. A loud crash went off from a nearby clearing. Rounding the corner, Jessica found herself staring at a long crater trail of rocks and debris from the bottom of the mountain to... Travis, laying in the rubble of minerals, dust caking his body. Jessica kneeled down, poking the unconscious Travis until her hand hurt. Fuming, she kicked the body, which sprung to life at the feeling of a leather boot to the chest.

"You okay there?" Jessica asked, helping Travis up, while the clasher dusted himself off, "You had me worried. I thought you were dead." Travis seemed to be ignoring her as he downloaded Rapinardo, who used a gust of wind to clean the remaining dust off his body. Knocking a couple of trees down as well.

"Looks can be deceiving," Travis said, rolling his neck to relieve himself of the strain, "Thank Supranova Rapinardo was there, otherwise I would be out of the realm. Look, I appreciate your help, but I have aways to go. A long way to go." Travis uploaded Rapinardo to his BioScanner, and began walking towards Harrow Town.

"Hey!" Jessica shouted, Travis looking back in annoyance. "You wanna come with me? I live there!" Hoping Travis didn't take it the wrong way, Jessica also yelled out, "What do you like to eat?!"