Waves of ocean peel away at the layers of orange sand, with the light of dusk shedding its grief on the beach of eternal sorrow. A pair of silver paws, tread lightly on the gentle sands, leaving behind trails of a lone wolf's journey. The shadow that walks by the sole beast's side resembles the general shape of a human, with fur bristling over his body. The ocean's breeze lifts his thick mane, behind a wolf's head. Claws replace nails, tracing the grains of sand tenderly.

Suddenly, the forlorn beast halts at a scarlet gem beside his paw. The werebeast crouches to pick up the ruby and holds it up against the setting sun. Through the crystal, a wave of sorrowful gale rushes up against the beast, ruffling the tufts on his chest. A soft voice struggles to mutter. "When will you come?"

The beast does not realize the reflection within the ocean's water, advancing and retreating. A similar face of beast-kin appears, with brown fur and gold eyes. The fiendish visage glances at the silver creature with indifference.

A thin, unnoticeable thread laces the edge of every wave, regardless of water's countless forms. As if a divine barrier, the sand stays dry regardless of the constant lunges of the orange ocean.

A solitary soul has one purpose, one mind, and one component. The world hosts numerous souls that rest in solitude, unaware of one another. The rhythm each soul emits perfect the imperfection that troubles these lonesome spirits. Gradually, these prideful essences of existence acknowledge each other, embracing one another. Only then, a soul can see its reflection in another soul's presence.

The mutual recognition blends the various flavors and colors the souls hold. Eventually, the companionship of one another becomes inevitable and indispensable. However, no matter how much a soul cherishes another, the two can never morph into one complete existence.

From the depth of abyss, the yearning of darkness levitates. Descending from the thin air beyond the pale clouds, light's curiosity dives into the arms of what lies below.

The view of the vast ocean returns, but the scarlet sky filled with burning clouds is replaced with darkness slowly dissipating by the might of the rising sun. Dawn approaches as the ocean reflects the faint light climbing heaven's ladder. Above the ripples, there stands a carmine beast with his back against the new light. His impassive grey eyes petrify all that dares to protest.

With the blink of an eye, the entire ocean becomes a solid block of ice. As a barrier of its own, the sand is denied of water's nurturing touch. Sluggishly, the sun sends shattered shards of ice vaporizing into glowing stardust, rising from a field of sealed memories. Life begins anew.