A straight shot of particle beam penetrates through the crowd, forcing Vepera out of hiding. Lycus sprints forth as she raises her hand, a circle of dark matter creates a fence around the host of the virus. Devana crosses her arms and raise them high, twin magic bolts hurl themselves at the sky, then crash down upon the enclosed area.

A huge dent appears on the ground as dust settles, with Vepera kneeling in pain. Abby releases countless cards from his palm, all darting toward their target. The dark matter dissolves, leaving nothing behind.

"Where is he?!" Lycus quickly surveys the area with bulged eyes.

Suddenly, the ground erupts toward the vulnerable teen, wounded beyond help. Two glaives rip through the ground, slicing air without hesitation. Phasma grits his teeth, with blood dripping from his muzzle. A staffblade materializes in the teen's hand, but he is too weak to even swing it into motion. The tip of the projectiles are inches away from the Phasma's mismatched eyes.

"I won't allow it!" Aegis takes the weapon from her companion's. A faint shield booms into existence, deflecting the projectiles with ease. However, another ominous presence arrives.

Vepera's throwing knives become daggers in the fiend's hands, threatening the duo as they approach. "Die already!"

A strange light glitters in Aegis' hazel eyes, as if the ignition of an engine in slumber. A magic circle expands from a single dot of light between the feet of the purple-haired madam. With breath-taking light emitting endlessly from below, traces of wind become tangible strings and chains climbing around the wielder.

"But—but that's—" Cane glares at her daughter with disbelief.

Different from her father, Aegis' weapons have more defined forms. The threads delicately run through the chains, which burst into horrifying spikes covered in scarlet aura.

"A whip?" Abby takes his eyes away from battle and examines the once-fragile woman-to-be.

"Don't know what trick you're trying to pull, but it doesn't matter!" Vepera rushes forth with his make-shift daggers in hands, ducking low for an uppercut.

The flexible whip in Aegis' hand suddenly contracts tightly and becoming an ominous lance. Despite the gigantic size of the weapon, the daughter of Cane swings it with ease. The tip of the lance rips through the shoulder of its enemy before Vepera can reach his target in time.

Blood showers the ground, but not enough to stop the host of the hideous virus. Now that Vepera passes the effective range of the lance, he expects to claim the girl's life. Yet, he rams into another surprise.

Another mysterious circle of glowing radiance appears, the threads and chains rotate in a tight circle, as if a large symbol of Ouroboros. The incoming strike makes firm contact with the strange shield, but immediately deflected with an extraordinary force.

"You're wide open!" The lance returns. Aegis thrusts her weapon forward with a determined shout. Despite backstepping, Vepera witnesses the cone-shaped weapon penetrates his stomach, emerging from his back. His daggers fall silently to the ground as they bath in endless blood.

Abby and Lycus both turn at the same time as they gape at Cane, who immediately shakes her head in representation of her ignorance. Phasma blinks his eyes dumbly at his companion, shocked beyond words.

Despite the fatal strike, a faint chuckle grows into a fanatic laughter. Vepera lifts his head with twisted rage as his flesh becomes hide, with indigo fur sprouting from beneath his skin. The very shape of the mercenary's entire face distorts and alters. In no time, a long muzzle forms, with a darkening nose on top. With eyes taking the shape of kites, they sink even deeper. Vepera's ears sharpen as they climb on to the top of his head. His hair thickens, becoming wild, untamed mane.

Aegis quickly retrieves her lance and raises her shield in defense.

"Now then," snarls the beast with new skin, "let's get back to it."

Wind parts as the newly emerged werebeast lunges forth, leaving pieces of his shredded clothes behind. Even Aegis' shield cannot react on time. Tips of precarious claws enlarge in the young lady's vision.

Abruptly, a paw directly impacts the arm of the fiend, causing the strike to miss its target. Instantly, the fury of the vague figure protecting Aegis spins swiftly. The pad of the figure's paw cracks the very earth beneath as dust fly into the air. The ankle of the striking limb hammers into the side of Vepera's jaws. The impact alone sends the mercenary rolling back rapidly. "Leave my grandchild the hell alone!"

Before the host of the virus can balance himself, two chainblades weave through the air, with chains sparking by the enormous friction they generate with air. Knocking the incoming blades aside with his hands, Vepera leaves himself wide open as he slides back.

Appearing from behind the deflected chainblades, a shieldblade emerges as it rushes toward the heart of its target. Barely sidestepping on time, Vepera avoids the thrust. The wielder of the shieldblade grins victoriously as he pursues with a whirling strike.

"Alula, Rimor, Chasm, and—is that—" Cane gasps at the presences of the new combatants.

"Yo, sorry we're late." Rimor motions with his index-finger, middle-finger, and thumb.

A shallow gash cuts across the indigo werebeast's chest. However, the attack does not cease. Raiding on, Devana combines force with Lycus, blasting away with projectiles of all kind. The entire dungeon lights up like a carnival's firework finale. Bullets and bolts bury themselves deep in the body of the lightly-wounded fiend. Cries of pain echo along with the sounds of explosions.

Abby forges a cone-shaped drill with his cards, launching it toward his vulnerable enemy. The make-shift, giant projectile rips a conspicuous hole in Vepera's stomach. The formation of the cards shatters as they explode as if shrapnel grenades.

Moving away from the line of fire, Divum has his particle mega-launcher configured. A thin, but extremely compressed beam pierces the mercenary's heart. The beam pierces through the dungeon easily, causing more structures to collapse. Debris begin to scatter around.

However, Vepera remains on his hind legs, though staggering. "You—you think this is enough to kill me?" The glaives in his hands dash forward and bulge two gigantic wheels with spikes rolling toward the crowd. A storm of cherry blossoms emerge from the ground riddled with scars, but the barrier is easily bypassed by the ferocious wheels.

A wall of cards perches on the ground, yet only to be sliced in half with little effort. Devana and Lycus try to intercept the wheels, yet their attacks make no difference in altering the projectiles' course.

The flying glaives pass the crowd at the speed of light, stirring up dust. "It wasn't aimed at us..."

"Phas! Get out of there!"

The teen kneels defenselessly on the ground, barely able to lift his limbs. The ending light draws near, despite the reluctant groaning of the young werebeast.

Sliding in front of Phasma with great agility, Aegis barely makes it on time with her shield clashing with the incoming wheels of doom. Yellow sparks shower the ground before Phasma, who cries as he clenches the ankle of his protector. "That's enough! Get away or you'll be—"

"Call me silly if you want." Whispers the young lady, barely holding up against the fury of the grinding wheels.

Suddenly, a shout reaching every corner of Pluvia pierces the sky. "Leave them the hell alone!"

Rapiers flashing, the lean blades chew through Vepera's back, impaling the mercenary. However, the jabs clearly avoid the beast's heart.

Before a cry of pain can cease, the stealthy assassin draws a short katana and drives it deep into the small of the mercenary's back. "I'll destroy you!"

As the scream of agony continues, two longer katana make their way into the ribcage of the fiend. Blood sprays in all direction possible, tainting the assailant's body. "There is no mercy!"

Vepera struggles to turn around, but only to face another cruel punishment. Bringing his greatsword over his shoulder, the mysterious figure impales his opponent with his weapon, drilling into the ground. Blood runs down the blade, tainting the soil it invades. "Because of things like you, the world is twisted!"

"You're the same as I, you child-murderer!" Vepera curses with blood gushing from his muzzle.

A giant scythe of odd, scarlet-colored steel readies at the silver paws of the unveiling figure. A great surge of crimson rage sparkles in his eyes. "Just die!"

The light of the breaking dawn creeps through the fissures on the antique walls of the dungeon, shedding morning's grace upon the silver fur of the enraged werewolf. With six blades lodging in the body of the mercenary, the final scythe reunites with the rest of the weapon set. Recreo leaps into the air, falling while performing an aerial somersault with his scythe whirling along.

The silver baron's battlecry merges with the sound of ripping flesh, the scythe carves deep into Vepera's torso, splitting his entire body in half. Bathing in blood, the agitated silver reaper rotates in a circle gracefully as he slashes his scythe aside, cleansing the tainting blood dulling the sharp blade.

Glaring at the entrails on the ground with pieces of internal organs scattered about, Recreo snaps his fingers as the seven blades vanish into thin-air. He strolls leisurely toward the rest of the crowd, who all gape speechlessly.

The dangerous wheels disappear, as well. Aegis collapses into Phasma's arms, though the two struggle to support one another. Abby and Lycus walk up ahead to greet the silver baron. "Father?"

Recreo's expression does not change the slightest at Abby's call. But a grin breaks through with great fatigue. "It's—finally over."

The sparks of a clash between staff and sword become the background of two growling beasts. Their muzzles come extremely close to one another, barking with words. The trees surrounding the confronting two sway away by a powerful gust of wind.

"No good will come from this fight." Glaice bares his teeth, with a pair of burning purple eyes.

Onuris jabs her staff into the ground while launching herself into the air, her entire body swings horizontally, with her paws slamming into the side of Glaice's head. The narrow opening does not go to waste. Capturing her opponent's neck with her ankles, the host of the Vermillion Vestibule revolves around Glaice with her body weight. The strange assault throws the Lord off balance. "Even so, I must stop you."

The beast with carmine fur disconnects herself decisively, landing safely in a crouching position. Her opponent, on the other hand, flies off in another direction. Thousands of swords of light pursues Glaice, who happens to be rolling across the ground. "You are killing yourself!"

Possessing the same ability, Glaice retaliates with swords of his own. The projectiles intercept one another, losing momentum and falling to the ground. Beneath the grand showdown of colliding swords, Glaice and Onuris perform their dance of death within the field of swords that impaled the ground. "I won't allow the world to fall into your hands."

A side swing by Glaice misses Onuris' pointy ears by small margins. The female werebeast extends her leg as she sweeps at her opponent's paws. The silver werewolf cartwheels while launching a sword from his hand. Chaining somersaults backward to create distance between herself and her adversary, Onuris finds the Lord right before her with his sword thrusting directly at her heart. Panicking, the carmine creature kicks the blade of a sword perching nearby. She propels it forward with the back of her paw knocking against the hilt of the weapon. The flying projectile makes contact, but does very little to affect the accuracy of Glaice's assault.

Streams of red fluid bursts from an already scarlet body, the tainted sword remains coldly within a warm vessel of flesh and blood. However, the fatally wounded beast puts a smile on her visage, despite being blood-soaked. A solemn grin with narrowing eyes whisper quietly. "Now the world you yearn for—will vanish—with you—and I."

"Why did you do so much to stop me? Do you really hate the world I envision that much?" Glaice allows the sword in his hand to dissipate into particles. The Lord surprisingly embraces his enemy in his arms as Onuris collapses forth.

A weak hand crawls up the arm of the Lord, stroking tenderly. "Because I am half of you, the sentimental half that you removed. You detached yourself from the world, the decisions, thoughts, and ideals, that's why they are incomplete. No one else in this world understands you better than I do, not even Alula."

"There is no turning back for us."

"It is the fate of Soul Shifters. One day, Rimor and Recreo will walk our exact same path. I stopped you from destroying the world, I have faith in Rimor to do the same when necessary." whispers Onuris.

Glaice mocks with a scoff. "No matter how calm the land may appear to be, it will become chaotic beyond recognition once the apocalypse wakes from its slumber. The only condition that keeps it adrift in the land of dream is fading as I speak."

"Our deaths are the key to revolution, the ignition of BRE-00's life's flare. Like I said, I entrust the future to the hands of the living, it's our time to move on."

The swords hovering in the sky fall as if a meteor shower, like airplanes losing their engines. Even the sky wishes to fall with the descending, brilliant light. Flashes and gleams from the dissolving swords sprinkle down, a shower of stardust illuminates the lonesome duo.

"I will go on ahead, then." Falling silently along with the swirling particles, Onuris' hand drops lifelessly. Her vessel lean powerlessly against the lord's torso, as if a child drifting into slumber. Her blood-soaked body appears unharmed, for that her very fur adores blood's shade.

"See you on the other side." Glaice sighs helplessly, settling down on the ground with crossed legs along with his companion. Something similar to a heartily smile spreads across the muzzle of the Lord. Words travel slowly from his throat. The vessel in his arms listens without a word. "My foolish sister..."

A bead of liquid falls upon the balcony of Glaice's mansion, where a lonesome behemoth with a coat of dark fur stands. As a stargazer, his wishes and yearnings come to a sharp halt as he focuses to mend the broken dam of emotion within his heart. A whimper cools the already freezing night. "Onuris..."

Leaning against the window in a guest room full of red, another child of the bloody moon contemplates as a light whisper escapes from his wistful lips. With his duke-blue fur bristling, gems of pink and grey praying to they sky they see. "Mother..."

Standing atop the tallest bell tower in Pestis, a werebeast of brown fur runs a hand through his mane while focusing on the distant land. His grip tightens on the lightning rod of the massive tower. Where the sky meets earth, a new light is born. "Mom..."

Helping his daughter to sleep, the blue-haired knight brings a blanket for his precious offspring. The guardian smiles under the dying moon glancing through the window of Aegis' room. Though, the lady tosses and turns in her bed, sleeping talking. "Phas..."

Lycus fires up the kitchen with a melancholy look, but Abby quickly latch his hands onto the shoulder of his mate. The weary look cancels, while a pair of hopeful grins surface as the duo gently study their child asleep on a sofa nearby. "Aegis..."

Directing the reparation of the city of Pluvia, Cane smiles as she instructs her workers to work. Her finger points ambitiously at a direction never ventured. Though, as her subordinates leave to realize the plan, the queen releases a long breath. The night has little patience for that morning approaches. "Recreo..."

Riding a carriage toward dawn, the green field of rich grass dances with their blades swirling. Wind dies as a white-haired, but young lady adjusts her floppy hat. Her hand leaves her hair, no longer needing to keep the breeze from ruffling her locks. "Snow's finally melting, Creo."

"Yea," replies Recreo, with little energy. "Season—just has to change—"

Within the carriage, the silver baron rests with his head tilting back. His scarlet eyes close as he inhales deeply. "The future—is entrusted to us?"

A foreign ray of light emerges on the horizon, casting its caresses and blessings upon the new day. Trees shudder with delight as the morning breeze sweeps the graveyard of countless swords. Vibrant as always, the infinite earth mends its definite wounds. Two metallic tools of murderer perch close to one another, leaning toward each other for comfort. One of them being a staff with white, seraphic wings, they wraps the foul darkness from the ominous sword. The forever tangled two, as if strings no longer separable. An invincible vow impossible to break, with an indelible requiem inaudible to toll.

Thus, the wheel of fate turns.

The End