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Life Is…

Life is a crazy adventure

That one day has to end

Life is knowing that you may never have a purpose

But rolling with it and living it to the fullest

Life is meeting new people that you'll love

And crying when they leave you

Life is having dreams and goals for the future

And achieving them

Life is one huge roller coaster

That you shouldn't want or need to end

Life is crying and mourning for your losses

But going through it and becoming more experienced

Life is making mistakes

And hopefully learning from them

Life is wondering about the world

And proving your theories to it

Life is finding your one true love

And sticking with them without any doubt

Life is continually hoping and praying

That one day you'll be happy without needing to try

Life is never giving up on your dreams

But still calling them silly and unattainable

Life is hard to fulfill

Yet we should all try to fulfill it

Because life is a crazy adventure

And it's not even over yet!

Hope you liked! :3 Because I wrote part of this in Math class and got a detention for it… -.-"