I remember the day I walked into that room,
With not a clue
I was about to meet you.
I remember how the sun shone,
Not a cloud to scare the light away.

I didn't see it then.

When I sat in front of you,
I didn't know what to do
I heard nothing but the beating of my heart
Did you?

And as I turned my body around,
To ask you a simple question,
Our eyes met

I still didn't realize it yet.

On the last day of that year,
I sat on a table;
Just like always,
But that day I wrote

And for a split second,
I lost myself in another world
That still, doesn't exist.

And when I looked up,
You stood across the room,
In front of that door
But you didn't leave just yet,
You were stopped and turned my way,
Then our eyes met.

That's when I finally realized it,
I was just too late.