She stood alone in a crowd of people. Conserved to the regular eye, beautiful to me. I hadn't been very open about being bi to a lot of people. I knew she was about it because I've seen her exes. All the girls that treated her like shit whether or not she dated them.

She was out of my league and older than I was, but she was still so perfect. The thought of being alone with her excited me but gave me the chills at the same time. I guess you call it love at first sight-I was afraid of her.

We had the same interests of drawing and spending our free time on Tumblr, but if someone were to guess, we were completely different looking. Her with her dyed hair and taller height, me with my always-tied-up hair and lacking height. I've had dreams about her but been to afraid to tell anyone. It wasn't until my best friend Courtney invited her to come hang out With us after school that I actually had a real conversation with her. I hated how nervous I was around her but with Courtney there, I could relax a little.

Courtney put her phone to her ear and spoke into it, the phone I didn't know was ringing. I was too distracted looking at the gorgeous girl in front of me who dared to complain about her weight.

'Guys,' Courtney spoke, 'I have to go,' She stood up and walked away without saying anything else. I looked nervously at the beautiful girl and smiled anxiously.

'I guess it's just us,' She shrugged and I knew she had grown bored. But out of no where, her hand landed on my leg and I felt myself blushing.

'Wha-what...' I whispered.

'Is this okay?' She asked. Knowing I would choke over my words I nodded and looked at her. She came inches from my face.

'What about this?'

I nodded. She stared into my eyes and our lips were centimeters apart. I could almost taste her. She smelled like cotton candy and flowers, her usual scent. She pushed me to the floor and her lips hit mine, our mouths rhythmically moving with each other. I didn't care that we were laying on the library floor. The girl that I loved was kissing me.

'Alex...' I mumbled. I never wanted this to end.

And in my head it never did.