Vines and prickers hung from high branches, towering over Wats Emmerton's head. They seemed to try and grab him a few times, though, being a psychology major he would say that it was his mind playing tricks on him. A woodpecker crept over head in the trees, staring at Wats running through the woods. Sprinting towards the landscape in front of him, the trees took the form of menacing giants cutting off each of his exits. The bushes to the left of him seemed to scream, "We're going to get ya!" He kept on running, knowing that "thing" behind him was fresh on his heels. He reached an open field, the early morning sun provided a peaceful feeling that added to the beatific setting. However, this admiration for natural things was cut short by a piercing pain that tore across his back. He turned only to see splatters of blood flying through the air and splashing against a wild flower. Where was this beast that had been chasing him for what seemed like hours-but was really only seconds-did it wander off to haunt some other poor soul? Or was it waiting to make its attack, hiding in the tall grass like a lion hunting a gazelle. He was sweating more profusely than ever before, his collar clung to his neck as he wiped sweat from his closed eyes. He thought it better to be blind, this way he wouldn't see what whatever may ensue.

He opened his eyes; peacefulness. The night was still and the air chilled, no ominous feeling or fearful quivering of his brow. The faintest sound of a leaf crunching apart echoed through his ears like a trumpet. He looked over his shoulder; breathing. He could hear breathing. But not a normal breathing, no, this was more intense. As he turned around, he could now see the hideous creature that had stalked him through the night. Its hooves shrouded in green grass, horns that seemed to reach the sky. Deep, black eyes and a smile from ear to ear let Wats know that this was all but over. But what could he do? He was clearly outmatched when compared to this massive masculine bestial body. Flurries of white puffs came down around them, swirling in the moonlight and then landing on the ground. For a moment, and just a moment, a sense of piece could be seen in the beast's eyes. But then, as if he realized he had just committed a dirty deed, he snapped out of it and returned to his solemn rage. Wats turned to run, but a massive hand reached out and pulled him back. He was now in the clutches of the beast, he was being constricted like a hungry snake does to its prey. His vision turned white, suddenly it was all white and little tiny dots appeared mysteriously before his eyes. Wats, through an echo, could hear the breathless cry of a weeping child. This child was pleading, "help, me", but Wats was gone. Pulled into a deep sleep, it would be seven months before Wats Emmerton would see the light of day again.