The man jumped off the cliff.

That is how the story begins; quick and abrupt, like a fucking bullet that explodes through the brainpan.

The man jumped off the cliff.

The man in question was 34 years old, tall and broad. He fell like a stone.

Gravity is not kind to challengers.

The wind ripped through his hair, whipping it to elflocks as he spread his arms out cruciform. The fabric of his cotton shirt whistled and fluttered as he let loose a fluting cry, not quite a scream, that sounded like a falcon as it turns slowly in its eternal gyre. The rocks of the cliff flashed past his open eyes that had tears ripped from them by the wind.

From below, the sight was bewilderingly powerful. The sun was setting above and behind him, and so the sky was creased and streaked with a combination of gold, crimson and purple; long, thin clouds stretching the length of the horizon. Superimposed upon this backdrop was a small silhouette of a man; a black cross upon the sky.

It was an epiphany.

The story blossoms, like the wound left after the energy of the bullet is working its way through flesh.

The man fell with a smile on his open face. He did not fall straight down; the combination of winds that churned near the cliff face was more than sufficient to provide him with a great deal of forward momentum. But his inevitable direction was still irrevocably and inescapably down.

The laws of physics can be a harsh mistress to those who know they can fly.

The man could see the ground rushing towards him, could see the snakes and tangles that were the rivers and forest below him increase in detail until he closed his eyes in wonder. For a moment his thoughts turned eternal, and the moment froze, and became liquid, and beyond comprehension.

His mind raced across the black sky of his thoughts, and created starbursts of white flame whenever it collided with memory. He saw every day that he had lived, every single person he had ever had occasion to meet, every moment in time standing frozen before his brilliantly azure- blue eyes. Tears stood like diamonds in the corners of his eyes as he relived every second of love, of pain, of anger and hatred; every second of joy and of sorrow; every second of emotion that he had ever felt.

Everything he had ever known was behind his eyes, and his soul burned with the recollection. Time was frozen here, but like all of time, fluid and deceptive. It seemed to the man that he had relived his entire life, from the moment he left the warmth of the birth canal to the moment he flung himself from the crumbly edge of the cliff.

And who is to say that he did not?

He opened the eyes of his mind to the moment he had closed his physical eyes. He knew everything he had ever done; had been judged and tried by the court of his eternal soul. The windows to his soul were open and free. He was free. Everything in his life had led him to this moment, this single infinite moment of glorious epiphany where every single facet of the world was crystalline clear to him. He laughed in a paroxysm of pure joy; and thunder rolled across the darkening sky.

He opened the eyes of his body and was satisfied to note that the world had completely ceased its actions while he had explored the world behind his eyes. Now, with a thunderous start, the physical world reaffirmed its grip upon his fragile form. He ripped through the air like a bullet, still cruciform in his descent.

The man didn't mind; he hadn't minded since first he set foot onto empty space only millennia and moments ago. He knew that the eternal freedom he sought was his, had always been his, would always be his.

His body would hit the rocky forest below him. The laws of the world cannot cease entirely for one man, no matter how beatific he may be. But the man knew that the knowledge of eternity would ensure that he would spend forever in the glorious grace of his flight. Time would wait for him; eternity at his fingertips...

"Infinity is in everything. Divisions in the indivisible. There is an infinity of distance in -. That single line has enough distance to be larger than the universe, were the universe not infinite and expanding. Time is also infinite because there is always an after and a before. Otherwise nothing could happen, but by the same note, Time is only infinite in that it will always exist. If Time is truly infinite then nothing could happen either because it would happen on a scale that doesn't exist; it would have no reference in the universe because there is an infinite age on either side of an event. Divisions in the indivisible."