The Dark Room

I don't know how it all happened one minute I was coming back from work after having an amazing day with friends and the next I'm stuck in this dark gloomy place with no signs of anyone around. How i got there is all just a blur and since, right now i have all the time to think about it I may as well start.

I think it was a while ago not that long ago but quite some time ago, I was with my wife in South Africa having the time of my life. We were driving by to a near by restaurant when we were stopped. The road was quiet and dark. There was no one else around. Suddenly 3 figures appeared to obstruct our path. I brought the car down to a halt. Quite startled we rolled down the window to see who these people were. "Get out",shouted this man in a black coat, pulling out a gun. "Don't harm my wife i'll do as you say",as i reluctantly opened the car door. "Bad luck another man cried,maybe you'll have better luck next time." With that they seized my wife and they were gone like wind.

I can still hear my cries echoing as i dropped to the ground in vain. The person who i loved the most had gone away from my life taking a part of me with her.I picked up this bottle on the floor,putting it on my mouth hoping that it would end my life. After that I can't seem to remember anything.

Perhaps one day I"ll remember what happened to me but for now all i can say is that today is not that day..