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-Rosalyn's POV -

"You're getting married." My parents said. They were grinning widely, as if expecting me to be ecstatic with this announcement.

"What?" I gasped, my mouth dropping open. Never, in my seventeen years on earth did I ever expect to hear that dreadful sentence come out them.

You must be confused.

Let's rewind, shall we?

-Four hours ago-

"Rosalyn? I've called some stylists to get you dressed up; we're meeting with the Pierce family at that five star French restaurant." Stylists? My mother told me. I looked up from my essay.

"Why? It's a school night." I said. She sighed, annoyed.

"Don't question it, just go take a shower; they'll be here in five!" I breathed out angrily through my nose and took off my glasses, making my way upstairs to my room. I went to the bathroom that was conjoined with my room and turned on the shower, stripping out of my clothes.

When I was done showering, I put on my robe, and walked out of the bathroom. My make-up and hair artist was setting me at my vanity, and my closet door was open, indicating that there was somebody in there. I was pulled over to my vanity and pushed into a plush leather chair by a red head. My make-up and hair stylist wasted no time in smearing mask over my face and placing two cucumber slices over my eyes. I sighed as she pulled at my hair. I was way too tired to go to this dinner.


I sat down on my bed, relieved to finally be alone. The stylists had left a few minutes ago after my hair and make-up was done and my outfit was chosen. I pulled on my favourite shoes, a tall, open-toed, black pair by Charlotte Olympia. They had a stiletto heel and the strap was cut intricately with swirling designs. I stood up and walked to my full length mirror in the bathroom, sweeping my blue gaze over my full reflection.

The red head had given my face a natural look, applying soft colours that didn't stand out. She had twisted my hair into an elegant knot at the back of my neck, curling a few brown locks to frame my face. The blonde who worked on my clothing decided on a black body hugging dress. It was one of many items in my closet that I never knew I owned. It was sleeveless and ended a few inches above my knees. She had chosen simple diamond jewellery and a black clutch. I grabbed the bag, put my essentials in it and spritzed on some of my more expensive perfume.

"Rosalyn?" My dad called irritably from downstairs. 'Are you going to be any longer?" I scowled to myself.

"I'm coming down now." I yelled back. I huffed angrily making my way down stairs to where my parents were waiting. My mother, who was dressed in a dark blue gown, eyed my outfit critically. She pursed her lips and inched them to the side before giving a nod of approval. My mother was a famous fashion designer and cared a lot about what I wore out. She bought most of my clothes for me, though I didn't complain. She had great taste and knew what wold look best on me.

My father owned a multi-billion dollar corporation that specialised in dozens of different services. Electricity, Hotels, cars, airlines, oil, you name it and there was a ninety percent chance that SummCorp was involved in it. To say we were rich was an understatement. He looked down at his gold watch and frowned.

"We'd best be going now, or we'll be there after the Pierces get there." He looked at me. "Now Rosalyn, this dinner is extremely important for my company and for your future. I expect you to be on your best behaviour." He told me sternly. I sighed internally before nodding at him. He turned on his heel taking my mother's arm and walked towards the door. I followed my parents silently out the door and into the limousine. I shut the car doo softly behind me and I gazed out of the window and up at the starry sky.

My parents were strangely chatty during the car ride and it made me curious. They were usually stony faced and composed people, but they were acting like a bunch of teenagers tonight. They grew even more excited as we reached the restaurant. I frowned at the weirdness of it all. This wasn't the first time we'd dined with the Pierces. The limo rolled to a stop and I got out, the cold air meeting my bare skin, chilling me instantly. I shivered, scolding myself for not bringing a blazer or something to keep me warm.

As we neared the entrance, the doorman opened the door for us smiling welcomingly. My parents barely acknowledged him but I slipped him a fifty dollar note from my purse, smiling slightly at him. I hurried forward to match my parents who were quite a distance away from me. The hostess smiled brightly at us.

"Welcome! Table for three?" she asked. My father shook his head.

"I have a reservation in the private room. Richard Summers, table for six." She looked at her book, looking for his name.

"Right this way!" she said, gesturing us to follow her. We trailed behind her towards a set of stairs at the back of the restaurant. We climbed them and she led us through a door, leading us away from all of the noise. I closed the door behind me, scanning my surroundings. It was a small room, the table dominating most of the space. It was also quiet, apart from the classical music playing in the background.

The hostess took this time as her cue to leave, and she shut the door with a quiet click. We advanced towards the table, my heels thudding on the dark wood. We sat on one side, facing the door as we awaited the Pierces. As we waited in awkward silence, I took this time to survey my surroundings. The walls were a nice ivory colour, picture frames depicting different sceneries hung on the wall. I yawned, already bored.

I placed my elbows on the table, my chin in my hands, staring blankly in front of me as I spaced out. I just wondered what was so important about tonight's dinner, especially since it involved 'my future and success'. I frowned. All I knew about my future was that I was inheriting SummCorp and my mom's design company when I got married so that it wouldn't be hard to manage both. I was pulled out of my thinking when my mother subtly elbowed me in the side.

I looked up the see that the Pierce family had arrived. There was his Jane Pierce, William Pierce, and in all of his glory, their son, Justin Pierce. Justin Pierce was a very attractive guy. His brown hair looked really soft and he had dark blue eyes. He had a strong jaw and nice cheekbones. You might think I had quite a crush on him, but I didn't. But I did have a huge crush on his best friend, Tyler West. Now Tyler, he was a real looker. He had beautiful dark brown hair, almost black, and narrow brown eyes. He had prominent cheekbones and a chiselled jaw. Both Tyler and Justin were well built, but Tyler had a leaner look to him, which is what I preferred.

I stood up with both my parents as Mr Pierce greeted my father, then my mother. He stood in front of me, and shook my hand firmly.

"Nice to see you again, Rosalyn." He smiled, walking to the seat in front of my dad's. Mrs Pierce came next, leaning over the table to give me a brief hug and a kiss on each cheek. She pulled back giving me a grin.

"Why, hello Rosalyn! You look a million dollars tonight!" I faked a smile at her.

"Thanks Mrs Pierce, as do you."

"Let's not go with formalities, call me Jane!" She'd repeated the same thing all seven times we've had dinner together. she swatted my arm playfully and took the seat in front of my mother, and began talking animatedly with her. As Justin stood in front of me, I nodded politely at him.

"Rosalyn." He acknowledged with an easy smile.

"Justin." I said formally. I sat back down, picking up my menu. I looked through it. The door opened, and a waiter came in.

"Are you ready to take your orders?" he asked. My father nodded at her and everyone gave in their orders, but I was last.

"I'll have the-"

"She'll have the Homard Thermidor." My mother interrupted. I frowned, but kept quiet.

"So, Rosalyn, I understand you and my son go to the same school." Mrs Pierce said to me.

"Yeah, we do." She grinned widely, clasping her hands together.

"Why that's wonderful!" I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion.

"Uh, I guess so." I said slowly. She gave my mother a knowing smile. Were they trying to set us up or something? I internally sighed. My mom once made me go on a date with her employee's son. It was awful. He was extremely conceited and loud. I looked down at the white table cloth, letting out a quiet sigh.

The food came a little bit later, and this time it was a waitress. She was very pretty, with brown hair and green eyes. She looked slightly familiar, but I couldn't place a name.

"Enjoy your food." She said half-heartedly, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Justin jerked at the sound of her voice, whipping his head up to look at her. I narrowed my eyes curiously.

I made little conversation with everyone else. I wished more than anything that I was at home, watching television. I didn't eat much of the Homard Thermidor, which I later found out was just lobster.

"Hey, Rosalyn," Justin began. I looked up at him. "Have you done Mr Jacobs' English essay?" he finished conversationally.

"I was doing if before I came here, but I'm not finished yet." I replied.

"You do realise that it's due tomorrow, right?" he raised an eyebrow at me. I shrugged.

"I'm almost finished with it anyway, so I'll do it at lunch tomorrow." He nodded as if actually interested, and then moving his gaze elsewhere as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. I look to the side and saw my parents and his staring at the both of us. I smiled tightly at them, looking away from them and continued eating my food.

The waitress came back and took our dishes, taking our orders for dessert. I noticed Justin sneak a glance at her. She probably noticed too, as she blushed. My dad ordered a bottle of champagne along with it. She left and the chatter began again. I tapped my foot along with the music in the background, humming quietly to myself. This dinner was really getting boring.

Pretty soon, the waitress came with the champagne and our desserts, and I immediately picked up my spoon and took a bite. It is pretty convincing Justin is attracted to the waitress. A few minutes into dessert, my father cleared his throat. We all looked at him.

"Now," he started. "Rosalyn, Justin, you two must be wondering why we had this sudden dinner." He laughed, looking at Mr Pierce. Not really. "Well, we always have these dinners, eh Will?" Mr Pierce nodded happily. "But first, the champagne." He popped open the bottle and poured it for the adults. It surprised me when he poured some for us teenagers too.

"Your father is getting off track." My mother said smiling at me. What the hell were they so happy about? "Rosalyn, you know that your father's company is very successful, As is Mr Pierce's." she said.

"Uh yeah, sure, what does that have to do with anything?" I was extremely confused.

"Well, we've found a way for them to both be extremely successful by the time you inherit it, as well as my design company." I exchanged confused glances with Justin.

"Where are you going with this?" he interrupted.

"You're getting married." My parents said. They were grinning widely, as if expecting me to be ecstatic with this announcement. The Pierces had a gleam in their eyes.

"What?" I gasped, my mouth dropping open. Never, in my seventeen years on earth did I ever expect to hear that dreadful sentence come out them. Justin gawked, a shocked expression plastered to his face.

"Isn't it great?" Mrs Pierce beamed.

"Great?" I repeated. "Great?" they nodded.

"Let's toast, to the new couple!" My mother said cheerfully. My temper flared. Everyone lifted their glass. And so did I . But I startled everybody by throwing the glass at the wall. It went everywhere, the glass shattering loudly.

"Happy couple? I never agreed to this! So you're just forcing me into a marriage with somebody I'm not even in love with?" I said fiercely, my voice raising.

"We're doing it for the both of you-"

"No!" I yelled. "No it's not for us! This is so low! I am not doing this!" Jane and William looked extremely shocked at my outburst. My father and mother were looking at me warningly.

"Justin," Mrs Pierce said. He looked at her, still looking surprised. "What do you think?"

"I agree with Rosalyn. I mean, I want to find a girl that I'm sure I want to spend the rest of my lie with." he stated calmly.

"See? This is all crazy!" I started.

"That's enough! You are doing this and that is my last word!" My dad said gruffly.

"Go to hell." I seethed, taking my purse and leaving the room, going to the bathroom down stairs. Tears fell freely from my eyes as I gripped the bathroom sink, looking into the clear mirror. The door was flung open, revealing my very angry mother. She stormed towards me, and gripped my elbow roughly.

"Now, you listen to me! That was extremely rude of you to say to your father. That was rude and extremely uncalled for. You will go back into that room, apologize and stop all this arguing and accept the fact that you're getting married in two years from now." She hissed venomously, her grip on my arm tightening with every word.

"The hell I will!" I spat. She raised her hand, striking me hard across the cheek, tears springing to my eyes as I registered the large amount of pain gathering there.

"You will fix your makeup and I expect you back at the table in twenty minutes." She sent me another cold glare. At that moment I didn't just see my uncaring mother. I saw a monster with cold blue eyes like ice, A demon under all of her fancy clothes and makeup. It was a mask for the true horror she actually was. She left after that and I whimpered, letting the tears fall from my eyes as I gripped my cheek. I looked in the mirror, seeing the bright red hand mark dominating most of my right cheek. I winced. That was going to bruise. I turned on the tap, splashing my face with water and removing all of my running make-up.

The cool water felt nice on my face and I reluctantly turned off the tap. I used some of the unnaturally soft paper towels to dry my face and started to reapply my makeup, working to cover up the red hand print my mom had graced me with.

When I was done, I looked into the mirror. Any sign that I had cried or had been hit was not visible. I took a breath and grabbed my purse grudgingly heading back upstairs. I opened the door and everybody was still chatting happily with each other. It went quiet when I walked in and they all looked at me.

"Look, I apologize for going off at you all, I mean; it's just a lot to take in. Sorry for cursing at you dad. I know that you guys are right. I shouldn't have acted like that. I had no excuse. I understand that this is all for the best." I lied, not missing a beat.

"Apology accepted, we're all on the same page now, eh?" Mr Pierce grinned easily, and I trudged to my seat. I felt a gaze on me, and looked up to see Justin gazing at me curiously. I broke the staring contest, awkwardly finishing off my dessert.

The dinner was finally over after a few minutes of my dad and Mr Pierce fighting over who would pay for the bill and a whole lot of cheerful goodbyes. When we got back into the limo afterwards my mother looked at me.

"Now, I'm sorry I had to go to that extreme, but you were acting irrationally. Tomorrow morning, Justin will pick you up for school at 7:30. You will act like a couple until the end of the year when he will propose. That will keep the press from getting the suspicion that it is an arranged marriage. Is this understood?" I looked down, not meeting her eyes.

"Yes." I mumbled.

"Don't mumble, speak clearly." She said sharply.

"Yes, I understand." I spoke clearly this time. She seemed satisfied.

When we arrived home, I kept quiet and went up to my room. I brushed and flossed my teeth after changing into my pyjamas and removing my makeup. The red mark was already beginning to bruise and I winced. I lightly brushed my fingers over the large bruise. I sighed. Looks like I'd need a lot of makeup tomorrow morning. I decided to pick tomorrow's school outfit, since I was being picked up and it usually took me a long time to have a suitable enough outfit that my mom would approve of.

I hung up my dress and put away my shoes, walking the perimeter of my walk in closet trying to decide on what to wear the next day. I spent the next thirty minutes matching different things and finally deciding on something. I took the clothes and hung them on the doorknob, setting the shoes down underneath them. I then went downstairs to my parents who were sitting down and watching the late night news.

"Goodnight mom, goodnight dad." I recited.

"Goodnight sweetheart," They replied in unison, not sparing me a glance. Of course. I sighed quietly to myself and went back up to my room and closing the lights before getting into my bed. Tonight was one hell of a rough night.

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