Aristotle did not like Plato's theory,

It made him very, very teary.

He preferred instead the reason for change

Of which there was not a very wide range.

The Prime Mover he called it with glee

As he sat in his shady hollow tree

The Prime Mover caused the first move

Unmoved in itself the philosopher did prove.

This is also the first and final cause

With which he could not find any flaws.

"There are three others" explained he

"Which give our world its harmony."

First and foremost is the material one

What an object is made of: wood, stone and crumb,

Next comes the reason for an object to be

This is the cause of efficiency.

"The third cause is formal" explained Aristotle

"It's how we recognise a bottle as a bottle."

And finally the cause of finality

Is all about achieving potentiality