Little Friends May Prove to be Great Friends

It was another chilly morning at the barn. Like always, the little pony and the draft horse that lived there were eating their breakfast. Just then, a little red bird came flying in and rested on the edge of the stall door of the pony. The pony had never seen an animal so brightly colored before, and asked it, "What are you?" The bird replied, "A cardinal, why?" "I've never seen an animal as pretty as you." The cardinal had just been about to thank him when the draft horse heard and looked over his stall door. "I've never seen anything so small!" He snickered. To him, size was everything. Embarrassed, the cardinal flew off.

He didn't appear again until the pony and draft horse were outside in their pasture. They were grazing when out of the blue, the pony caught his hoof in a little hole. "Help!" He cried to the draft horse, but the draft horse raced to the other side of the field. The pony tried to follow, but only got his hoof stuck deeper. He had almost given up when the bird came. He had seen the pony get caught and heard him cry for help. And help he did. The little bird talked the pony all the way through getting his hoof out of the hole. It turned out that size didn't determine whether someone was better, and the pony and cardinal remained the best of friends for a very long time.