Galaxy at War

Book II in the Roy Master Cycle

A Galactic Chronicles Story by

Vanessa Ravencroft

©2013 McCullough County – Texas

The year is 4937 (Old Terran Time); Earth is now generally known as Terra.

Earth is only a small part of a gigantic mega society officially called the United Stars of the Galaxies, but by everyone simply referred to it as the Union.

Roy Masters, born on Green Hell, one of the most dangerous and deadly worlds in the known Universe, just turned sixteen.

He lost his parents to a Pirate attack and helped foil a scheme of the Kermac that almost destroyed his home planet. He and his alien pet, an Imperial Fury Beast are now on their way to Sares Prime, where he supposed to go to College. While he travels to the exotic home system of the Saresii, the Galaxy prepares for war.

Roy is about 6'2" and has very athletic body with steel hard muscles, thanks to growing up on a world with higher gravitation. He is fiercely proud of being a Greenie.