So, have you decided whether you're going to prom, yes or no?

Adam sighed – he still wasn't used to her abrupt nature. Honestly, who wanted their prom date to be more of a prom demand?

In all honesty, he hadn't been too nice to her about the whole situation. He really shouldn't have kept her waiting; he just couldn't decide how he wanted this to play out. He wanted to go to Prom, that was certain, but with her?

She was pretty, she was fun, she was a wonderful friend; the perfect person to spend an afternoon with. As a girlfriend though, did he really want that? He knew if he went to prom with her it would develop into that. He like her, he really liked her. He would give almost anything to be with her – but was it really for the best?

Adam had always been the sensible kid; he never got sucked into the romantic drama of high school. It wasn't his fault that he fell for her – really, it wasn't. She was perfect in every sense of the way. She was loud and strong where he was quiet and frail – not the typical relationship but it would work.

The only thing he didn't like about her was the hard steel safe she kept her heart in. He didn't protect himself the way she did, if something happened he would be broken. He wasn't sure if he could handle that.

He could almost feel her fiery eyes dig into him as he absently tapped the keyboard and then deleted. He wanted her to stay there, waiting for him to respond; he couldn't have her think he was ignoring her. So Adam sat there, contemplating how far he would go to be with the one he had fallen for and whether he would be able to live he was burnt.

Five minutes had passed since she messaged him and he knew she would be antsy by now – he could imagine her bouncing on the end of her chair, hair flying around her face as she waited.

Yeah, sounds like fun. Sorry to keep you waiting.