Horror Show

Ladies and gentlemen

Please take your seats

As your heart skips beats

As you watch our horror show

Because you never know

What's gonna pop on the screen

That'll make you scream

Put a popcorn in your mouth

Feel your eyeballs popping out

Look at the guy keen to know

What's the sound from his closet

Last night he forgot to close it

Soon he opens the door

And in no time he's dead on the floor

All he saw was two red eyes

Before he got himself stabbed teice

What? This is not scary?

Come on let me show you a girl

Whom you'd love to marry

She just smiles at this guy

Who doesn't think - Why?

They soon have a talk

And towards her home they walk

She calls him in for a drink

Like I said, the guy doesn't think

He rushes in thinking it's naughty time

And drinks that party wine

Soon he sees her turning into a monster

Ooh, I think he's stuck in a disaster

Her eyes turn red

Showing thirst for blood

There's no use in calling the cops

Because they'll only see his corpse

The lights get dim

The lady jumps at him

The scene ends with a scary voice

Saying I love naughty guys

So next time you see beautiful women

Remember this man-eating demon

Haha anyway, that's it for today's show

Please visit again! Yo!