Chapter 1 – Changes

A week had passed since we had returned to Treyah and things were kind of back to the way they used to be. Us students sat down in our classrooms listened to our boring ass professors tell us what to do. It was already past the midterm season as I only actually realized now that we had been gone a long time. Who knew that we really spent a lot of time in Herac city for the Tri Interschool Tournament?

There are some incentives though even if the tournament was cancelled due to that unfortunate event I mean for one, the four of us namely Melfice, Yue, Lucian and I were exempted from all our final exams in our general education classes and secondly the professors here are less harsh to me which is actually a good thing because it removes the hassle factor in my life.

I sat in my seat at the classroom as I waited for the professor to come in and in that time I looked at my left hand. My hand seemed to heal just fine as the pain had already subsided, but still I wrapped it with gauze in order for the flesh to heal completely. Something tells me that I really need to find a new way to control my darkness.

Sighing as I breathed a big chunk of air, I then looked around the classroom from where I was seated and it seems like nothing had really change, except for the fact that everyone here now seemed to "respect" me since I was a participant at the Tri Interschool Tournament. Block D indeed never changes. I then saw someone walking towards where I was at. It was none other than the head of the "Discipline Crew" of block D.

"Hey punk." Hugo said to me as he stood strongly in front of me.

"The hell do you want?" I asked him and to be honest, I'm really not in the mood for chit chat.

"Just went near ya to congratulate you for your good performance in the Tournament. I heard from around that you had an undefeated record." Hugo replied to me and suddenly his annoying personality suddenly disappeared. He even stretched out his hand for a hand shake.

"Uhhh thanks?" I replied to him. "But I don't do handshakes." I added as I declined his gesture of a handshake.

"He said the same thing to me too." I heard a familiar voice of a girl as she made her way towards her seat in the Block D classroom. It was Yue.

"Whatever" I said right back at her as I put my head against the wall near me and gestured a fake sleeping motion. Hugo left soon afterwards and finally I was at peace.

"But you still shook it in the end." I heard the azure hair girl reply in a loud manner and this had rattled the attention of everyone in the classroom.

"Yeah because you forced me to ditz" I said back at her in a casual manner and everyone in the classroom was now taking notice about our casual conversation.

General POV

Seiryu stood up from his seat and took his katana with him as he made his way out of the Block D room. He took out his phone and saw that it was already 9:50 am and he wondered if the professor is going to show up for class or not. In all honesty he would probably cut class again.

"And where are you going?" Yue stood up as she got near the long haired student.

"I'm going to skip class. Seems like Garth ain't gonna show up and what's it to you anyway?" Seiryu asked in response.

"I think you should stay for further announcements." The azure haired girl replied to him and she gave him a serious look with her cerulean eyes.

"The hell with that. Anyway see ya later ditz I'll just ask you if there's any homework or something up." Seiryu said as he walked on outside and went on his way.

A friend of Yue now who was a girl went near her and engaged her in a conversation. She must have taken notice of the way she had talked to the so-called outcast of their block.

"Same old Seiryu huh?" she said to the azure haired girl as she gave out a sigh.

"Yeah." Yue said as she gave out a smile. The words of the long haired student suddenly echoed in her mind, the words that he said to her back in the city of Herac.

"Whenever you're in a rut, don't worry for I'll always be around to protect you. Keep that in mind."

"Why did he even say that? It seems like he really was changing from his cold uncaring self to a more mature and concerned person." Yue thought to herself as she felt her cheeks heat up. Her friend who talked to her took notice of this.

"Uhh prefect, why is your face turning red?" she said as she pointed at her. Yue immediately shook her head in response.

"I'm not! It's just unusually hot in here that's all!" the azure haired girl replied to her. "Anyway, it seems like Professor Garth is not going to make it so I'd best be on my way now!" Yue said as she went back on her seat, picked up her small bag and made her way out of the Block D classroom.

"Now where would Seiryu be at this time?" she thought to herself as she now attempted to look for the long haired student.

Seiryu POV

I sat down underneath a huge tree that was present in the back field of the Academy as I felt the wind ruffle around my school uniform. It was a calming breeze and to be honest I could fall asleep here now if it weren't for my class at 11:00. I'm coming close to a decision of not attending that class as well because HISTOWA is such a fucking drag anyway.

Still after all that had happened, thoughts on my mind continued to run like a steam mill on a weekday. Elle's defection, the Novemque Sentis, my darkness, all of that shit kept running in my mind. I just want it for once to stop and you know, just chill out for even just a short moment. Damn even though things were stil the same around the academy, many things sure have changed in the span of the Tri Interschool Tournament.

"Why can't things just be constant for once?" I said out loud as a cool breeze came fast and it blew my hair backwards.

It was like this too when I found out my brother died. It took me a long time to process the thought that he wasn't coming back. Why do these things keep happening to me? It's like fate has some fucked up way of messing with me, but whatever. I'm done with her as I have a plan now to set things straight. If she is an enemy then so be it. The next time I see Elle, Fraus or whoever she is, I'll end her.

I felt the rage inside me once more as darkness again suddenly appeared out of my left hand. So my theory was right, because I've been thinking about it for a while now. Rage is a direct link to me losing control of my darkness. Rage and hate to be exact. Now this really concerns me because I really now have to find a way to control my affinity. Should I ask Lucian to help me? He'll probably just say meditate and that same shit again. I need someone adept in the dark affinity and only one person comes to mind. It's none other than my old shishou, the one who bore the responsibility of taking care of me back when I was ten. Shishou Aizen, the only remaining master of the Jigoku Mugen Satsujin ken. Maybe he can teach me the remaining secrets as well as control over my darkness. But, is he still there back in the southern region?

I guess I have to find out for myself, after all I need to be prepared whenever those Sentis strikes; all because I made a promise to her, that I'd protect her whenever she's in a rut.

General POV

Seiryu rested his back against a tree as he let the cool wind blow around him. He still thought of many things for his mind was very troubled indeed. Little did he know that someone was making her way to the same location he was staying at. Yue made her way towards where the long haired student was with her small bag strapped on one of her shoulders and as she got nearer she let out a smile.

"I knew I'd find you here." She said and immediately Seiryu turned upward to see who was talking.

"So Garth never made it huh? Predictable as always." He said as he again rested his back against a tree. Yue sat down on the grass as well, but she wasn't too close to the long haired student.

Silence grew between the two students as the wind blew softly. It was really a windy day as Seiryu ruffled and fixed his brown locks while Yue just let the wind blow against her hair.

"What you said, back in Herac…is it true?" Yue asked as she broke the silence between the two of them.

"What did I say?" Seiryu replied to her calmly.

"That whenever I'm in a rut you'd come running to protect me." The azure hair girl replied to him.

"Yeah, I mean you've already saved my life twice. It's the least I can do ditz." Seiryu said to her casually.

"Oh." The azure hair girl replied to him. "Well then thanks, but I can fight too you know!" she added as she spoke a little loudly now. Seiryu now on the other hand stood up and walked a little far off from the spellcaster.

"I might take a week's leave from school, since were exempted from the finals anyway." Seiryu finally said to her and this had surprised the azure haired girl.

"Why?" she then asked the long haired student and the wind continued to blow towards the two of them.

"I'm going back to the southern region of this continent." Seiryu said as he was about to make a very big decision concerning his life.

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