Chapter 5 – Leaving for the South

The long haired student now had just finished freshening up as he was just double checking the things he had packed in his duffel bag. It had been 8:30 in the morning and you can deduce that he really woke up early for this day; the day that he leaves to train with his shishou Aizen at the southern region of Treyah. He was dressed in a red shirt which was somewhat fitted, black jeans that were slim fit and a pair of black sneakers with white soles. His left hand was still taped up, and it seems that he had no plans of removing that gauze anytime soon.

Seiryu now went out of his room as he locked the door of his dormitory and walked on. He was making his way towards the parking lot of the Treyah academy because his motorcycle was parked there. "It had been ages since I checked on that thing." The long haired student thought to himself as he walked and carried his duffel bag on his shoulder.

Minutes later, Seiryu had found himself in the parking lot. He then noticed that he wasn't alone for there were people that crowded a particular spot in the parking lot. The long haired student could not make of who they were so he got up close and to his surprise; it had been the people that were going to accompany him in the southern region.

"You're late." He heard someone say to him. It was Yue as she was dressed in a black hoodie with blue slim fit jeans and leather boots for the feet. She let out a small laugh afterwards.

"What time did you guys get here?" Seiryu asked them as he scratched the back of his head.

"Don't worry; we just arrived here thirty minutes ago." Lucian replied. "We got the message from Miss Yue last night that we had to be early." He added. The calm student had a long sleeve grey shirt on and he wore black slim fit jeans as well and a pair of sneakers for the feet.

"Yeah I mean can't really blame ya if you're late." Melfice said as he let out a big grin. He was dressed in a sleeveless white shirt and black denim shorts for the bottom. He wore a pair of big sneakers for the feet which were black and red in color.

"So I'd guess the mighty Seiryu had fallen eh?" Fran said to the long haired student as she let out a smirk on her face. She was wearing a brown vest that had a white sleeveless shirt in it and for her bottoms she wore denim shorts that reached just above her knee and she wore a pair of white sneakers for her feet. "Anyway so where's our ride?" she asked the long haired student.

"I don't know about you guys, but I sure as hell have my ride." Seiryu replied to them as he went near his motorcycle that was parked close by. He then switched on the engine as he revved it a little bit.

"Selfish ass." Fran said as she gave the long haired student an angry look.

"Now now Miss Fran, there's no room for any cuss words here." Lucian said calmly as he tried to calm the blonde haired girl down.

"Yeah just chill out." Melfice said as he again let out a huge grin. He then went on as he walked towards a pick-up truck that was parked in the lot as well. It was a bit far away from the long haired student.

"Since when do you have a pick-up truck?" Yue asked the hybrid wielder as she saw him put his bag at the back portion of the pick-up truck.

"Yeah about this, I got it way back at Briggs Academy. The administration there required transportation for each student. Seems like a hassle for them though since Briggs's parking lot was always full unlike here in Treyah." He then replied to the azure haired girl. "Well what are you waiting for? Put your bags at the back." Melfice said as he went to the driver's seat and started the vehicle. Fran, and Yue got at the backseat of the pick-up truck while Lucian sat beside Melfice at the front.

In an instant a motorcycle engine revved closer to them. It was the long haired student as he sat back and rode his bike as he stopped beside the pick-up truck Melfice was driving. He revved up the engine on his motor bike as his duffel bag was strapped at his back.

Yue then looked at the long haired student that was on the motorbike and she could not help but remember the time that she rode at the back of his motorbike and this had brought a slight red color on her face. Lucian just giggled a little bit as he dove in the mind of the azure haired girl. He was reading her thoughts again and Yue immediately saw the mannerism of the calm student which had caused him to face the other way.

"Say Miss Yue, why don't you ride along with Seiryu? He sure could use the company." The calm student joked as he laughed a little bit.

"Hmph! Whatever!" Yue then said as she faced away from the calm student.

"You're even adapting his favorite mannerism." Lucian said jokingly and this brought a red color to her face once more.

"Yeah, ever since the Tri Interschool tournament, you guys seemed to be closer. What happened anyway?" Melfice said as he revved on the gas to tune the engine of the vehicle.

"He just changed that's all." Yue then said as she smiled afterwards. "I wanted to ride with him though." She thought to herself and Lucian heard this as he accidentally read her mind again. The calm student now got out of the truck as he got near Seiryu and this caused a worry for the azure haired student.

"Seiryu, Yue wants to ride with you instead of us." Lucian said to the long haired student as he smiled afterwards and faced Yue.

"She can do whatever she wants." Seiryu replied smugly as he revved the engine of his motorcycle engine. He set let the foot stand out for while in order to balance his motorcycle and he stood up. The long haired student unstrapped his duffel bag from its place and took it near the pick-up truck.

"Hey Melfice! I'm placing my bag here with the others!" the long haired student shouted at him as he tossed his bag with the other bags present as it landed safely. He then went back to his motorcycle and revved the engine once more.

Lucian went back inside the pick-up truck and sat back at his seat. He then smiled at Yue as he talked to her afterwards.

"He says it's okay." The calm student said and this made Yue's heart skip a beat once more.

Then a horn honk came from outside and this caused Fran to open the window at her side. The long haired student just kept on revving his engine afterwards and he turned it down a little when he noticed that one of the windows was open.

"Why that hell did you do that?!" Fran shouted at him but he did not mind the blonde-haired girl.

"Hey ditz you ridin' with me or what?!" Seiryu shouted as he revved the engine of his motorcycle once more.

"Don't keep him waiting." Lucian said to Yue with a smile as she now got out of Melfice's pick-up truck.

"Ass!" Fran shouted at Seiryu as she flipped a finger towards the long haired student and again she wasn't even noticed by him.

Yue then got closer to where Seiryu was and she saw that he just kept on revving the engine of his motorbike. She then got closer as she then saw the long haired student scooch over to the front to make space for the azure haired girl.

"Get on." He said to her as she got on and she was now sitting behind him.

"Hold on tight." Seiryu said coldly as he faced forward, but he couldn't help feel that he had some butterflies in his stomach. "What the hell? She has ridden with me before but this is the first time this has happened, the hell's wrong with me?" he thought to himself. "Ah fuck it whatever, I have better things to think about…" he then said as he revved his engine once more.

"Okay guys! You set?" Melfice said as he unhinged the handbrakes. He saw both Fran and Lucian nod as he now shifted gears. "Okay let's go!" Melfice said once more as he stepped on the gas and started to drive the pick-up truck.

"Alright, hold on tight." Seiryu said once more to Yue and this cued her to put her arms around the long haired student's waist. He then shifted gears on his motorcycle as well and he turned up the gas as it began to move. "We'll be riding in a convoy style with the reckless one so you'd best not let go. I'm going fast this time." He then said as now both vehicles were making their way out of the Treyah Parking lot.

Shortly afterwards, both the respective vehicles had made it out of the Treyah Academy and they were now on the open road as they now made their way towards the southern region of Treyah.

Somewhere in the forests in the southern region of Treyah, there was a man in the middle of the woods that had resided. He sat down on the plain opening near the deep forest as he had a flask with him. That flask contained his favorite bourbon as he never left his home without it. The man looked young for his age which was 47 years old. He had a fairly cut hair which was colored in a mixed shade of brown and red, that seemed to be kept untidy, but in a surprising way he looked very neat with that style of haircut. He was dressed in a sleeveless white gi style shirt. His pants were stonewash jeans that were ripped on the knee portion and he wore black sandals for the feet.

He held on his flask as he drank from it. The man seemed impervious to the effects of liquor so he just drank it for the sheer enjoyment of drinking. He sat back down to a lotus position as he again closed his eyes for a short while.

"Well, well. It looks like something interesting is going to happen soon." The man said as he now opened his eyes. Now that they are visible, his eyes are orange in color as they shone brightly.

He then again drank from his flask which had contained the bourbon liquor. Wiping his mouth he then picked up something from the ground which had looked like a sheathed katana.

"I guess I'd better go back and welcome the guests then." He then said with a cocky smirk on his face as he went on his way.

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