Day and night again the boy walked without rest. He could have stopped, for sure, but such danger laid in the woods he feared taking a nap would throw him off the map.

Danger in the trees, danger on the ground, the bushes, the river, even in the air and sounds.

And such sound ringed in his ears, loud enough to make any man scream and crouch in pain. The boy was just a boy, not even a man and it felt so heavy he soon crashed to the ground, gritting his teeth.

The pan amplified everything, you see. Made it so much worse he quickly noticed clouds in his head.

But he was a quick boy, even quicker than his brain and got rid of the pan, which he threw ahead.

Got back on his feet and looked in the grass around. There it was: a screamer-toad.

Did you hear about the screamer-toad? Although small and funny looking with their big mouth and small wings, they've got three rows of teeth as sharp as a shark's. Fast to jump and skin slippery as a baby's drool, you'd rather play cards with the devil than be haunted by a herd of those. Blue red and green they are, so far impossible to catch.

Of course, this isn't made up. Younger, I saw one. I tried to chase it and ended face first in a puddle of mud.