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It was a brilliant spring day once more. The trees were swaying gently as the sun shined brightly. As cheery as the days had been so far, Chicago PD felt much like the opposite. Especially, ME Jessica Watson, she was an expert on this, considering her job consisted of examining dead bodies. Today however was just plain weird.

Chicago's ME was a lean, tall brunette in her early thirties. She had enticing hazel eyes, a slender face and quirky smile. Regarded as the genius of the department she had an answer to almost everything. At least, almost everything.

When she first arrived down at the lab, a letter with a bow on top had been waiting for her. She immediately opened it and had to admit that the pleasantness of the invitation significantly brightened her neutral mood.

The envelope contained an invitation from her former boss for dinner. Jessica remembered the day two years ago that Captain Jones told the team that he was leaving. He vanished without a word and they all speculated that he was dead. Yet he wasn't and the thought made her grin.

Her thoughts however were quickly interrupted when the door slid open and her current captain, the gruff Captain Carter, walked in. Watson had never been too fond of the captain but like others, some out of fear, greatly respected the man. He was in his older years with thinning grey hair and impenetrable grey eyes. He looked exactly like Captain Jones but the former of course had been much… nicer.

He held up the same envelope in her eyes and asked, "So you received one also?"

Watson quickly replied, "Yes sir." Watson took a moment to register his words. "Wait, what do you mean also?"

He angrily replied, "All my other detectives, the one who worked with the old captain," He said this with disgust. "Received one as well. I got one too."

"Why?" Jessica asked immediately regretting asking. The captain was angry over an envelope; this wouldn't be fun to get an answer to.

"How should I know!?" The captain asked. "All I know is that no person is going."

"Excuse me," A new voice said. Jessica saw Officer Prescott arrive. "Captain, you have no right to dictate our personal lives. If we want to go then we're going to go." Trent Prescott was a stern man in his mid thirties who greatly resented the captain. Jessica personally knew Trent as a fun guy but an angry cold Trent was never fun to deal with. Not even Captain Carter deserved to be treated like that.

"We'll see Prescott," Carter threatened making his way out. "We will see." With that, he disappeared behind the doors.

As soon as he disappeared, Trent grinned then frowned when Jessica slapped his arm. "Don't do that," Jessica advised. "He's already mad enough."

"Chill Jess, besides, he's angry, over a note!" Trent snorted. "Pathetic. By the way, are you going? I know I am."

"Same," Jessica stated with a smile. "I really want to see the cap, no contact in 2 years. That was just cruel."

Trent nodded in agreement and the door slid open once more. In walked her assistant Sofia who held an invitation in her hand. Trent waggled his eyebrows and nudged Jessica's shoulders. She bumped back but when she saw her assistant, her breath hitched.

Sofia was a European beauty. The 25 year old had brown hair that flowed down her back in waves. She had high cheek bones, a small nose and beautiful emerald green eyes. While her looks were out of this world, Jessica had fallen for the loyal, strong headed personality that Sofia often exhibited.

"I'm going," She declared. "You should have seen Frankie though; he was so angry that he didn't get one."

"Frankie just joined the squad," Trent pointed out. "Around the time the captain left."

"Who else got one?" Watson asked.

"You, me, Sofia, Alex, Josh," Trent listed. "Oh and Rachel."

"Ugh!" Sofia and Jessica moaned in unison. "Does the witch have to come?"

Trent only shrugged his shoulders. "Why don't you guys like her? She isn't a witch."

"Yeah she is," Alex added walking into the lab. "If she's not a witch then I'm queen of England you dolt. You only disagree 'cause she's hot." The young brunette kept her eyebrows raised, preparing for the ridiculous remark Trent would throw back.

"That is so not true!" Trent quickly exclaimed. Everyone snickered at the blush present in his cheeks. "Besides, you just said she's hot too."

"Helloooo," Alex drawled. "I'm bi, remember? Besides straight people can appreciate the good looks of the same sex, can't they?" She looked right at Jessica when she said this.

Trent knew he lost the argument when he saw Jessica and Sofia's nods. He left the lab grumbling, "Why do girls always stick to each other?" Alex winked at Jessica before leaving. Jessica held in a groan, did everyone know? As Alex left, the body from last night's crime scene came arrived for the proper autopsy.

As the automatic door closed, she heard her assistant say, "I thought they'd never leave." Sofia sighed in relief as the small lab became breathable once more. She came over to Jessica's side to see their victim.

On the table, laid a young man, mid twenties with black hair who appeared to be average height. It was obvious the poor man was strangled as the bruising around his neck was prominent.

Both clicked their tongues at the same moment and said in unison, "Poor guy." They looked at each other intensely for a moment before laughing out loud as the perfect synchronization.

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