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"At least we know who did it," Alex stated shakily. She and Rachel were still stunned at the fact that Josh had written the threatening message the first night and had come in, looking for the piece of hair that had been found earlier.

Rachel was biting on her lip, thinking, what should they do? Her mind went numb, she had no clue of what to say, or who to say it to. "Should we tell someone?"

Alex nodded her head feverishly. "We should tell Jessica and Sofia, come on!" She grabbed Rachel's hand, opened the door and stuck her head out. All she saw to her left and to her right, was moonlight and darkness. Alex took one step ahead before stopping. She turned to face Rachel before brushing past, heading in the opposite direction.

"Where are you going?" Rachel called after her. Alex's pace slowed down slightly but she kept walking. Rachel had to practically sprint to catch up and appeared at Alex's side, out of breath, staring at a plain old door.

"I need to show you something first," Alex said softly. "I found this room when we all went exploring, just before the murder." Alex gently grasped the doorknob and opened the door, leading the confused blonde into a high tech room, filled with low hums and whirring sounds every now and then. It resembled the lab that Sofia and Jessica worked in, a few key pieces were missing but for a man who was supposedly retired, the lab was decent.

"How, but, what?" Rachel stuttered.

"I don't know," Alex said thoughtfully. "I'm definitely asking in the morning though."

Next Morning

At 8, almost everyone was in the dining room, eating breakfast. Trent and Captain Jones seemed to be having an animated discussion about the ladies as they pointed to them every now and then. They sat at one end of the table. The ladies excluding Alex were on the other side, discussing the small piece of hair they had for evidence.

"Where's Lexi?" Sofia asked Rachel.

"She's still in the lab," Rachel whispered. "She said she's looking for something and, here she comes!" Rachel's train of thought changed as soon as the pretty brunette walked in through the door. She walked in slowly and calculatingly, Alex had definitely found something.

"Good morning Alex," Captain Jones spoke up, peeling away from his conversation from Trent. "How did you sleep?"

"Okay," Alex said as she poured herself some orange juice. "I couldn't sleep much though, the beeping noises from your secret laboratory kept me up." She started to whistle as everyone except Rachel gave her bewildered looks.

"Al, what are you talking about?" Jessica asked in what she hoped was a calm, composed tone.

Alex gave her a confused look and said slowly, "A lab. You know, like the one you and Sofia work in? To solve crimes? Like these?"

She took out a small notepad from her pocket and passed it to the older brunette. Jessica and Sofia flipped through the pages, their eyes going through lines and lines of information on old cases, cold cases and, somehow, their newest case.


"I, I can explain," He stuttered before taking a deep breath. "I want to come back, retired life isn't for me, I want to come back and fight for justice, defend the innocent and protect the city. I want to be your captain again." His eyes had tears as he gazed at all of them, some faces were blank, others filled with sympathy, happiness and just a bit of pity.

"Here I am!" Josh announced as he came running, face red as he tried to catch to his breath. "I got lost, I'm sorry." Rachel and Alex exchanged dark, minute glances and faced Josh again.

"Say Josh," Alex said casually. "Where were you around, midnight?"

"Sleeping in my room," Josh replied, trying not to sound nervous. "What else would I be doing at midnight?"

"Oh I don't know," Rachel sat up and leaned against her chair nonchalantly. "Entering our room, searching and looking through our stuff not to mention writing threatening messages on our wall. Sound familiar?" Rachel had started out calm but now, now in full out sass mode, looked at him with a piercing gaze.

Josh started to wilt under Rachel's stare as he stuttered, "N-no clue, what, what you are, er, talking about." Rachel gave a 'Really?' look and nodded with a vicious smile as Alex handed her the phone that filmed everything last night. She showed it to Jessica and Sofia and slowly worked it over to Trent and Captain Jones.

As Josh saw the revealing of his face, he paled. He abruptly got up and ran out of the dining room. Trent hurried after him, trying to catch him as the ladies and the Captain looked on.

"Alex did you really have to do that?" Jones asked, a disapproving look on his face.

"Seriously captain?" Sofia snapped. "He was writing threatening messages on both our walls, searching through their room and you're asking if it was right? What the hell is wrong with you?" She got up and stormed off, letting the door slam.

Jessica immediately made a move to get her but was halted when she heard the captain, "Jessica, going after her isn't going to help."

Jessica stood still, then slowly turned to face the captain. "How would you know captain?" She asked in a deadly low tone. "You don't know Sofia like I do, you're not the one dating her." Jess shot him an evil look before leaving the dining room.

"Nice one captain," Alex retorted sarcastically. "Well played." Jones only grunted in annoyance and got up, going through the kitchen.

"Wanna take fingerprints?" Rachel asked, breaking the silence that had developed. Alex gave a shrug but nevertheless, took out a couple fingerprint swipes she snuck from the lab and went around, only taking two fingerprints.

"Hey Alex?" Rachel called, "I have a new mole on my hand, help?"

Alex came over and inspected Rachel's hand, where there was indeed, a circular brown spot there. Question is, how did it get there?

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