Setting his uniform aside as the door slid shut behind him, Evren crossed a vast room. His feet padded lightly against the white tiles as he made his way over to the bathroom. Once there, he rummaged through the medicine cabinet, looking over various medication bottles before pulling out the aspirin. Once he got back to the main room, he made his way to the kitchenette to grab a glass of water prior to popping two white pills into his mouth. After downing the water, he then made his way over to the large window that made up one of the room's walls.

Gazing down at the streets below, he watched as people walked, chatting happily with one another, via Bluetooth or by holocells. Bringing his gaze just a tad higher, he watched as a squad car went by, that being the only type of vehicle permitted to fly close enough to the police department housing facility. Looking out at the rest of the buildings presented, the man pressed his hand against the cool glass.

This city was new; he knew that. He had spent his life elsewhere, a more secluded area for training purposes, but for some reason, it felt as if he had been here before. Then again, that had to be impossible. He hadn't heard of Polaris until about a month ago when he had been told it would serve as his new duty station.

After another squad car had passed by, the man turned away and headed towards a switch posted on the adjacent wall. Flipping it, he stepped aside as his eyes watched panels shift then peel back. Coming forth was a circular bed adorned in cream-colored sheets. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched as white curtains closed before slipping into bed.

He figured he could just shower after their night patrol.

Bringing his hands behind his head, Evren stared up at the vaulted ceiling, watching the stronger rays of light stretch their way across the flat surface as the curtains swayed.

Inhaling deeply, the man rolled onto his side and stared at the digital clock resting along the nightstand before rolling onto his stomach.

Resting his head upon his hands, he stared at the lacquered wood that made up his headboard before closing his eyes. When he took the time to open them once more, it was much quieter. Staring at the shadows that now stretch across the wall before him, Evren slowly slid his hand under the pillow, feeling the cooler underside brushing against the top of his hand. That feeling was ignored, however, due to the fact that the man was actually trying to grab what was under it. And once he managed to get his fingers around it, he pulled the much needed item out from under his pillow and turned over, simply to have a pair of dark eyes gleaming in low light.

"You're still slow on the draw," Tyson chided as he pressed the barrel of his weapon against his leader's brow. "Go on and drop it, Princess." Mismatched eyes darkened slightly. "Well?"

Looking away, the white-haired man put the firearm back on safety before dropping the thing onto the bed. "Care to explain why the hell you're in my bed?"

"It's comfy."

"How'd you get in?" he asked.

The raven merely smiled as he heard the agitation. "I let myself in."

"The door was locked."

"Yeah, it was locked."

Sliding his gaze over to the door, Evren noticed the light filtering in through a hole in the metal. He then focused on the dull glowing ring of orange in the area the metal had been smelted. "You broke into my room?" he stated more so than asked as his gaze shot back towards the intruder. "You no good, destructive bas-"

"Ah, ah, ah," Tyson scolded as he pressed the end of his gun against the other's mouth, "a princess shouldn't use such language."

Glaring at the man, Evren then looked down at the weapon. Curling his lips around the end, he bit down lightly on the metal, making the other drop the weapon in response. Once it was down, and Ty was busy rubbing his hand, Evren picked up the firearm and pointed it at the man.

"Tyson." Said person looked up to see the oddly colored gaze flicker in the light. "Get the hell out of my room or else."

"Or else what?" he challenged before hearing the click of the safety being taken off. "You wouldn't dare."

Watching the corner of the man's mouth move, the dark-haired man knocked his hand upwards, resulting in an echoing sound after that.

"Look what you did. You made me put a hole in my ceiling," Evren groused as he looked up at the miniature hole.

His attention then went back to his teammate as he felt the man's hand wrap along his wrist. Having it knocked hard against the headboard soon after, he dropped the weapon before reaching up to free his capture hand. However, as soon as he touched the other's hand, his free one was caught.

"Let go," he ordered as the taller male chuckled. "That's an order, Ty-"

Rolling his eyes, Tyson yanked the man down onto his back. "Princess, you're on that high horse of yours again."

"Let go of my hands and get the fuc-"

"Language," he laughed before looking at the clock stationed nearby. "My, you are aware that we're not on duty, right?" Mismatched eyes narrowed slightly. "So stop barking orders. It's very unbecoming."

Gritting his teeth, Evren moved his hands, trying to at least touch the other man's hands.

He just needed that bit of contact to shock the man into a possible coma.

"Let go!"

"Can I hear a please?"

"When Hell freezes over."

"Then no."

"You're going to make me late!"

"Not my problem."

Clenching his jaw, the paler man exhaled silently as he closed his eyes.

When this was over, he was going to have to kick himself.

Once it came time to open then, he mustered the saddest look possible, which wasn't really much. To the raven, however, it was a rather drastic change the way the jade and turquoise-colored eyes seem to almost tremble.

"Tyson," Evren whispered as he leaned back into his pillow, "you're hurting me." Looking away, he then chewed his lower lip. "Please, let go. I can't be late for duty and I can't afford to be. He'd be mad if I was."


"The director," he replied as he looked back up at the raven, doing all he could not to roll his eyes at such a question. "He'd…he'd punish me, Tyson." The man on his back squeezed his eyes shut as he tremored. "Please, I don't want that to happen. Do you know what he's like when he's angry?" He cracked his eyes open the moment he felt the bed move. "Please?"

"Princess," the other murmured as he let go of the man's hands. He'd admit that Evren looked as if he could cry, and he really didn't think that his leader would be capable of such a thing. "Hey," he said, "it'll be alright. You still have thirty minutes before we leave."

Evren stifled a sniffle as he brought his hands down. "Really?"

The raven nodded once before feeling a foot collide with his stomach. Falling off the bed from the force of it, he pulled himself up, clutching at his abdomen, to see the barrel of the other's gun being pointed at his head.

"Since there is still time to get ready, I would like to enjoy it alone. Now, if you could be so kind as to leave my room, I won't have to fire a round into that thick skull of yours." Red eyes narrowed to a certain degree. "And I promise that I won't miss," Evren added as he took the safety off.

Getting to his feet, Tyson eyed the weapon before looking at its weilder. "Can I at least have my gun back?"

"You can have it back when we start our shift, and that's if I'm feeling generous." There was another stare down before the paler man clenched his jaw. "Get. Out."

"Alright, alright," he said, throwing up his hands as he exited the room radiating with tangible irritation.

- †-

"I'm cold."

The raven recalled it to be snowing the last time he had ever said that aloud, but that was almost eleven years ago.

He remembered shivering; he remembered seeing his warm breath causing small clouds in the chilled air when he wasn't hiding away.

His clothes were dirty, ripped, not offering much warmth for the harsh winter that he had experienced.

He recalled being in a rundown building for the majority of the snowfall. He had been sleeping in the corner next to an old mantle that still had a bit of ember glowing.

The older child was nowhere to be seen though.

The blonde had been gone almost all day now and the snow only seemed to fall more and more, making the lonely room colder.

The glow of embers was slowly dying before one final wind managed to snuff out the only thing offering warmth.

"Evren…it's cold," the smaller child had murmured in his half stupor. He shifted as the cold air started to settle in the small room. "Evren…"

Feeling something warm, brown eyes had cracked open to see someone kneeling before the hearth, using a stick to stoke the newer flames that were being fueled by paper and old tree branches.

Shifting, he picked himself up slowly, wiping the sleep from his eyes before feeling something being wrapped along his small frame.


"Sorry, I took longer than I planned."

"'s 'kay," Calix murmured as he grasped the end of the blanket his friend had found.

"I have something for you."

The smaller boy looked up as his nose caught the smell of something hot and possibly delicious.


"Eat up, Calix."

Said person just smiled though he couldn't quite place what had been said by that point.



Something warm being wrapped around him had the teen opening his eyes slowly.

"Calix, how are you feeling?"

"…Ren?" he murmured as he felt a hand caress his cheek.

He then swatted the appendage away as he shot up, taking a frantic look around before touching his throat.

"He's fine."

Looking up, dark eyes met up with the lighter, ochre-colored ones.


"Welcome back," the man said.

"How are you feeling?" Looking to his left, he saw Will holding a first aid kit. "Are you feeling any better?"

"'m fine," the teenager muttered as he lowered his gaze.

"Yeah right."

Calix looked up to see Renyx throwing him a disbelieving look. "What?"

"For someone that's supposed to be alright, you talk an awful lot in your sleep."

"Renyx," Will warned, "leave him alone. He's just came to."

"Yeah, after muttering that officer's name for the past five hours," he shot back prior to looking at the one on the couch. "So, care to let us in on how you two know each other."

"That's…that' none of your business!"

"Like hell it is!" the redhead snapped. "I think I deserve to know why my friend is muttering the name of some psycho task officer that just tried to sever off his head!"

Calix glared before looking elsewhere. "I don't owe you an explanation."

"Uh, yeah, ya do!"


"Who do you think carried your ass here?!"

"No one said you had to!"

"It wasn't like I'd just leave you there!"

"Boys!" Both looked over at Will prior to resuming their glaring. "Will you two knock it off?! You're acting like children! Renyx, you're twenty-two years old. Act like it!" Cal smirked. "And you." Brown eyes shifted to see another pair glaring at him. "You just turned nineteen. Act your damn age as well!"

Averting his gaze, Calix stared off at the television while Renyx just huffed, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Fine," he muttered before looking at the other man. "Cal." Said person inclined his head. "Care to tell me who-"


"That's it!"

"Renyx!" Will hissed.

"No, if the brat wants to get himself killed, by all means, Calix, go right ahead!" Renyx snapped as he stormed towards the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" she snapped



"I'm going to get cigarettes!" he shouted before slamming the door shut.

"Goddammit, Renyx…"

"I say let 'im go," Calix huffed as he tossed his bag aside. "He's a grown ass man."


"What?!" The two glared at each other. "Besides, he owes me a pack of cigarettes," he groused as he tossed the empty carton to the floor.

- †-

Standing at the ledge of an old apartment building, Evren slowly slid his gaze down the decrepit portion of Polaris' past life. If he stared hard enough, he was sure he could see the old asphalt cracking and wooden boards chipping as they struggled to keep windows and doorways sealed. If he listened carefully, he could hear the sound of wind whistling the broken windows. The occasional rat or stray cat would cause a trashcan to topple over while old newspapers and flyers drifted by, giving the place an eerily lonesome feel, but that didn't matter. The officer could care less really.

Looking forward, the man took a step forward before dropping off the side of the seven story building, coming down in a crouch on top of an old dumpster. Tilting his head back, he then caught sight of the irritated raven that was glaring heated daggers at him.


The paler man just cocked his head by a fraction before hopping off the oversized trashcan. As he went on his way, he didn't bother to turn, or even glance, to see his teammate getting down from off the dumpster. Shifting his step a bit to the left, he managed to dodge a fist before returning to his previous route. Taking a step to his right, he dodged another punch prior to holding out his arm to guard his side from a kick.

"Would you knock it off?" he asked as he evaded a sweep kick. Sidestepping a punch, he turned on his heels, pointing a gun at the other's head. "Is this what you want?"

Stepping off, Tyson nodded curtly. "It is mine."

"Only if I give it back."

"Then give it back!"

Putting the safety on, the man turned it so the man could grab the butt of it. As the raven went to grab it, Evren simply pulled it out of reach before turning to head on his way. And annoyed by it, Ty followed after him, clenching his teeth.


Said person made no sign of agitation though he was sure he felt his eye twitch subtly. "That isn't my name."

"Princesses shouldn't wield weapons," Tyson scoffed as he made a grab at the weapon, only to have the white-haired officer sidestep him effortlessly. "It's very unbecoming."

Looking back, mismatched eyes caught the claret-colored ones. "Unbecoming you say?" Tilting his head at an angle, Evren watched the man before avoiding the fist meant for his face. Seeing the other's own eye twitch, he then stepped back before jumping up to grab the bottom rung to a fire escape. "See you after our shift," he said as he pulled himself upwards.

"My gun!"

"You can have it after our shift," Evren called as he vaulted over the faulty flight of metal stairs and onto the awaiting windowsill just a floor above.

Watching the man grit his teeth, the smaller male had no doubt that the other was going to come for him. When his notion was proven right as Tyson began to copy his actions, Evren took that as his cue and made his way up to the roof.

Sparing no time once he was up there, he traversed the broken rooftop, sparing the other a glance as he heard him shout his name. Turning around completely, Evren stood on the edge, watching as the man stalked towards him. And when he was about halfway to him, he stepped back, plummeting from view.

"Evren!" Coming to a halt at the end of the building, Tyson looked down to see no one. Clenching his jaw he scanned the poorly moonlit alley below before gritting his teeth. "Dammit, double dammit, triple dammit!" Stamping his foot, he turned around to climb down the fire escape. "Evren, give me back my damn gun!" he shouted as he jumped off the other end.

Once the last of the footsteps faded out of earshot, the paler man popped his head out the window prior to swinging his leg out and over the banister. Looking back at the old room his had gotten into, Evren decided to take a look around.

Bringing his leg back in, the man crossed the old nursery and entered a hall. Making his way through the old apartment, he looked all about, noting everything from the groaning floorboards to the chipping paint. Coming to the door, he spotted a ripped up children's book.

Picking the object up, he flipped through the dusty pages before tossing the object on the couch. Leaving the abandoned room, he made his way down a series of stairs, stopping now and then to run his hand along the childish scribbles that marred the once clean wall.

Stopping as he came across words, he squinted in the dark to try to make out them out before giving up.

"Stupid kids," muttered once he reached the final level. "Hmm, what's that?"

Spotting something balled in the corner of a boarded room, Evren pulled the planks away before entering. Stepping over a worn basket, he picked up an old, dust-covered blanket that had been sitting next to a once lively looking hearth. Kneeling down, he ran his thumb over the still soft material before noticing an old bag stationed nearby. Picking it up, he rummaged through it before pulling out a torn notebook. Seeing the kid like handwriting, he tossed on the dust-covered armchair before seeing something scratched into the paint.

Stooping to be at its level, the officer stared at the small letters curiously making it out.

Ren and Cal

Brushing away some of the dust, Evren jerked his hand away at the sudden sign of a headache. When the throbbing from before came back, it seemed almost ten times as worse, if not more, making the man stumble back. Noticing a knife practically hidden by ash and dirt, he made his way over to it before brushing it off.

As he went to pick it up, he hesitated prior to grabbing the end of handle. He held it in curiosity then just let it fall with a clatter to the floor as he felt the same throb from earlier. Fishing through one of the smaller pockets on his uniform, he pulled out one of his white pills though he found his hand could not stop from shaking, resulting in the small capsule hitting the floor.

Watching as it bounced once before slipping between the floorboards, Evren groaned as he hurried out of the room and to the front entrance. Not wanting to spend any more time in such a place, he kicked the boarded entrance down before tripping over his feet.

"Dammit," he muttered as he managed to stand.

His unsteady legs carried him over to a lamppost before he fell over himself once more. Grabbing onto the pole, he lowered his head as the bulb overhead flickered excessively prior to shattering, littering the area below it with glass shards.

Not minding the small, superficial cuts, Evren slowly pulled himself to his feet while one of his hands cradled the side of his head. Taking a staggering step forward, he managed to distance his self from the building. By that time, however, his headache felt almost debilitating, leaving him to lean against one of the older buildings for support.

Why now?

He wasn't sure what to think. He was fine before he came to this city. Sure, he had the occasional headache though it never lasted longer than five to ten minutes. And, even then, he managed to deal with them, with the help of an occasional pill.

Again, nothing ever really bothered him physically until now.

Not until he arrived to this place.

It was familiar.

But why…? his mind questioned.

He wasn't from here.

Well, he wasn't entirely sure where he was from though it didn't really plague his mind since he was looked after by the Academy as well as the director himself.

Health wasn't a concern until recently and sinking to his knees, Evren hung his head as he tried to steady ragged breaths. Over that sound, he barely heard the sound of footsteps until he felt a foot collide with the side of his head.

He skidded along the old, cracked sidewalk before laying in an unmoving slump for several moments. Slowly raising his head, he propped himself upon his elbows prior to being hoisted up and pushed into the wall. Finally getting his eyes to shift upwards, they closed the moment the man felt his legs buckle.

"Evren." Said person just seemed to tremble before sinking lower and lower. "Evren?"

The paler man had always dodged and, if not, he always managed to recover almost instantaneously. Now, though, now he was looking almost broken and helpless like a child.

"T-that…name…" Clutching the side of his head, the officer curled in on himself. "I…I-I-"

"Are you ok?" Ty asked as he tried to get the other to straighten. He heard his leader mumbled something before trembling once again. "Do you have a headache?"

Evren nodded once, not lifting his head by much.

The raven had been around one other time to experience how the white-haired man acted when he was experiencing one of his so-called headaches. It had happened in one of the practice matches when Evren had gotten one. At first, Tyson thought the man was just trying to lure him into a sense of false security until he didn't move for about five minutes. And, from then on, he, and the rest of his team, was ordered to carry at least two of their leader's pills with them by the director.

"Hey, I'm gonna need you to sit up for me," Tyson said as he pulled out a aspirin. Tapping the man on the cheek, the raven pulled his hand back when he felt how clammy it was. "Evren, sit up!"

When his leader did no such thing, the subordinate grasped his chin and tilted it upwards. Pressing the pill to parted lips, Ty tried to worm the capsule in, simply to have it fall out when he removed his hand. Glaring at him, Tyson withdrew another pill and held it up in the man's face.

"You need to swallow this, dammit!"

Pushing it past the man's lips again, he held his breath as the other shifted slightly, the second pill falling to the ground as a result.

Pissed by that point, Tyson pulled out the last pill he had with him. Tilting the man's head up, he rested it along the wall though he kept a finger beneath the officer's chin. With his other hand, he placed the pill in his mouth. Prior to leaning in, he watched as glossy, mismatched eyes cracked open before sealing his lips over the other pair.

Hearing the near silent gasp, the raven took advantage of the surprise and passed off the medicine. Pulling away slowly, he watched as the unfocused haze started to lift, thanks to the pill's fast acting formula, but then he turned around to give his commander another kiss.

He felt a fist collide with his chest but it lacked the necessary power to make the man lurch or pull away.

Evren usually was weakened for a few minutes after one of his little attacks, which left him somewhat vulnerable if he didn't have a weapon on him.

A click soon had the taller of the two pulling away to see the other holding a firearm aimed at the offender's chest. Noticing the way it shook, Tyson grabbed the weapon quickly to point it at its wielder when he saw that it wasn't his own gun. Seeing Evren's eyes narrow, Ty put the safety back on it before setting it down behind him. He watched his leader's face carefully, smirking at the nearly invisible blush that dusted the bridge of his nose as his averted eyes stared at something else.

"Princess," he whispered in his ear, watching the other shudder, "are you feeling better?"

"I'm fine."

"I don't believe you."

Evren turned his head to glare, simply to be pushed onto his side. "Tyson…" he warned.

Said man hummed in answer as he rolled the man onto his back, a hand at either side of his head. "Princess."

"We have work to do!"

"You work too much," he stated as he leaned down. "Take a break."

"There's no time f-"His cheeks felt hotter when the one above returned the distance. Stupid opportunist, Evren thought as stared up at the man swiping a thumb along his bottom lip. Take a damn hint!

Watching him closely, the smaller male raised his hand to punch the man. When he succeeded in nothing but having it caught and pinned above his head, he narrowed his eyes. The red ones above him appeared to darken slightly, making the other struggle to get his hand free.

So preoccupied with one another, something soon donned on the pair. Tyson raised his head while Evren tilted his back, both of them seeing a red-haired man in back staring at them in obvious surprise.

"I…um…carry on!" Renyx said before he dashed away, disappearing around the corner.

"Well, that was odd," Tyson commented as he stared at where the onlooker stood. "What do you think, Evren?"

"I think you should get off!" Evren ordered, kicking his leg up to catch the man in the stomach.

"…see your strength is back," the raven wheezed as he backed away from his leader. He then noticed the dark blush on the man's face as he was getting to his feet. "Don't tell me that you're embarrassed by that whole incident, Princess."

Tyson raised his head up as the other loomed over him. Watching the subtle twitch in the corner of the jade-colored eye, he slowly slid his hand behind him in attempts to locate the previously discarded weapon. Catching the faintest sound of humming followed by seeing the smallest of sparks, Ty backed away by a few inches before grabbing the firearm prior to getting to his feet.

"I swear…"


"I swear…if you ever do that again…" Evren fumed, raising a shaking fist, "…don't do it again!" The colorless tresses fell in his face, shrouding his eyes from view as his hand connected with the side of the wall, indenting it with a crater. "Is that understood?"

Tyson nodded once as he watched the man's arm drop down to his side, blood dripping from the ends of his fingers. "Yes, sir…"

"Then get to work!"