Brother... I'm so happy to have you!

A lone man, who looked at his twenties, was sitting on a patient seat besides the hospital bed, where a pale girl, who looked at her teenage years, was lying motionless.

Her chest was heaving lightly, almost as she never breathe.

The man clasped his hands together and looked at the girl. "Please, Ana... live... Don't leave me alone..."

There was no reply. Of course, Ana was in a coma, and the doctor said that she will be like that for a long time, and also, there's a chance that she will never wake up.

Thinking back about how it all begun, he slowly drifted off to a slumber.

"Here we are, Ana! Your new school!" The man pointed his left index finger towards the huge building in front of them.

Ana's eyes widened and her jaw dropped to the floor. "Wow, brother! This is so huge that I might get lost! Tee-hee!"

He shook his head in amusement. Ana and her strange humor. "Alright, Ana. Hold my hand and I will guide you inside."

She look at him confusingly. How did he knows the school?

He looked at her with a smile. "Something wrong, Ana?"

She observed his clothes. His brother was clad in his usual style: White polo shirt, brown slacks and brown leather shoes.

"Brother Alan, how did you know the school?"

Alan patted her head. "I work here, Ana. That's why I know."

Ana pouted. "Why you didn't tell me in the first place?"

He facepalmed. She had a bad memory, and sometimes, it annoys him. "I told you, it's a surprise."

"Oh, right!" She looked down in shame. "I'm sorry."

He placed a hand to her shoulder to make her feel better. "It's okay, shall we head inside?"

Ana nodded. "Sure! Let's go!"

They exited the building laughing together. Alan showed every inch on the whole campus. He also provided information Ana needs to know.

Also, it made Ana less nervous to attend because the people were so friendly.

Alan looked at her with a warm smile. "Ready to attend the class next week?"

Ana gave out a goofy grin. "Ready!"

While they headed out from the gate, Ana's eyes caught something shiny on the middle of the road.

Before she could tell Alan, he spoke. "Ana, stay here because I'm going back to the school to ask for a copy for you schedule, okay?"

Ana nodded. "Sure, brother!"

When Alan was out of sight, Ana ran to the middle of the road to pick up a shiny quarter. She looked at it while grinning. "Sweet! We can go arcade for an hour with this one!"

Unknown to her, a truck was driving in her way. When she was clear on the driver's view, the driver slammed his foot on the brake while slamming his hands on the horn.

"Hey you! Get out of the way!"

Ana turned to its direction and her eyes widened. Before she could move, everything went black.