George Laney is taken out of his comfort zone, and it becomes immediately apparent on his first day of college when he's roomed with a young man with an affinity for the paranormal along with getting into everyone's business. It wouldn't be a problem for any other student, but George has a big secret to hide...

Warnings: Slash, possible lemons in later chapters, but for now, just awkward pronoun-picking references to mpreg (I'm sorry)

"Please just let me stay at home."

George seemed to pick the most opportune time to beg his father to get him away from college dorm life; standing just outside of the building with an arm-full of bags packed to the brim with clothing. Another briefcase was tossed his way, knocking him over as he caught it on top of the others. A few books fell from a bag that had broken open, and he scurried to retrieve them. Dusting his hands off, his father calmly stepped over to him, and then stood akimbo as he loomed over the college freshman.

"George, it's about time you left the nest, don't you think? Besides, you don't do anything at home anyway. Now get up, all these people are going to judge you later for what they see here."

"I bet mom would have let me stay at home." George re-packed his books as he spoke under his breath.

"Please, that's coming from the son who wears cowboy boots just to spite his mother. Plus it's a two hour drive from home to school, even your mother couldn't be convinced to lend out that kind of gas money. Scholarship or no."

The brunette was pulled to his feet, and quickly re-gathered his bags.

"Whatever, dad. I'm coming back every weekend-and you can't stop me."

"Alrighty, let's see how long you can pull that off before you get tired of all the trouble."

"I won't!"

The elder of the two sighed, wondering if he was really speaking to a college student or a stubborn two-year-old.

"Okay, George. " He was back over to his car, opening the door before looking back to George. "Good luck, have fun, and don't think you can't call every now and then."

"I'm gonna call home in two hours! You'd better be there!"

His father simply waved as he drove off the campus. George turned back to the building, and it towered over him mercilessly. Here he was, miles away from home and all alone, and that's how he would be until he could find his way back...which he would have to do on his own, of course. It wasn't until a few seconds later that he realized he had no idea where to go.

"Sorry for all the trouble," George apologized once more as the elder student showed him to his room. "I mean— again. I really didn't think I'd meet a lot of people willing to help me, being new and all. I probably would have been all over the campus trying to find this place...even though it's huge and obvious."

"It's no problem, really." The blond smiled at him.

Soon, they stopped in front of his room, the blond checking his paper once again before letting out a slight sigh.

"Suite 6, room 101..."

"Is...something wrong?"

"Ah, no, it's nothing really, just..."

Folding the paper in his hands nervously, the student looked back to George.

"It's just that...the guy they roomed you with, he's a complete freak, alright?"

"What do you mean, 'freak'?"

"Like, he believes in aliens and ghosts and all that, which would be okay usually, but he's completely obsessed with it. Sometimes he stays up all night and misses his classes just to look around campus for ghosts or alien sightings. The dean doesn't know this, but he sets up cameras all over the place to see if he catches anything. And if you don't agree with him he spazzes out. So, y'know, good luck."

"Oh...alright. Thanks..." He spoke slowly, now cautious about opening the door.

"Yeah, see you around."

Once the other was down the hall and out of sight, George looked back to the door. This was the beginning of the rest of his life, and if the foreboding feeling from before wasn't enough, now he had some strange roommate that was obsessed with aliens and ghosts. He could only imagine what the room must have already looked like on the inside. In his mind, there were hundreds of posters plastered to the wall. Cameras and pictures lined the desks and beds, and the floor was covered in old laundry. Was there a phone in the dorms? If so, theirs was probably wired.

He squeezed the door knob nervously before turning it to the side and slowly pushing the door open. He'd clenched his eyes shut, but brought them to open as the room was revealed to him.


It looked normal enough, to his surprise. A bunk bed was against the wall across from the door, and behind it was a futon. Just next to it, a desk that was completely devoid of anything but a small lamp. His roommate sat at the desk adjacent to it at the other side of the room, turning away from his laptop to look at his intruder. The light was off, but the sunlight coming through the window was enough to brighten the room.

"Yes?" The resident of the room looked George over.

"Um...this is room 101, right? Suite 6?"

"That's right— oh, you must be my new roommate. You're a freshman, huh?"

"Yeah. You're a...?"

"Sophomore. Hope that's not too awkward for you or anything. I think they were out of first-year dorms? Something like that."

"No, it's no problem."

Finally relaxing, George went to set his bags down.

"Ah, wait. Actually..."

He stopped, looking back to his new roommate.

"Before you put any of your stuff down, I need to look through all of it— just in case."


"Also, I need you to take all of your clothes off. Thanks."

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