As she was walking in the forest Celestine came up with another uncommon issue to think about. "What if we don't live in one world? What if we live in two worlds at the same time?" she wondered. "But then… then… how is it that we just remember this one?" She questioned herself. Or maybe after all it wasn't like that. There was just one way this could be true. "When we dream… we slightly remember this world… and when we are awake we slightly remember our dreams…" she tried to reach a conclusion. "But aren't out dreams very random? Anyway… it feels like we I am just living in one world… If I were to forget about the other world, why am I never forgetting about this one? Also, there aren't any gaps." Celestine closed her eyes and tried to picture everything. "So, I'd say we don't live in parallel worlds." For the first time she had come to a conclusion about something. However this wasn't the end after all. Even if we didn't live in parallel world we might have still lived in some other world in the past. Before we were born, or, when we were supposedly dead. Exactly, Celestine was deeply interested in reincarnation. She believed that upon dying we might be able to return to the real world, the world we had come from originally. But there wasn't any way to know the truth and Celestine for once wouldn't analyze the matter any further.

She started walking towards the forest until she was close enough to the pine trees. Gently she pressed her hand towards the trunk, it was rough. She gazed at the top of the pine tree; it was very tall, just like… She looked away. She ran as if running would provide her with the solution she had been waiting for such a long time. However she suddenly stopped when she spotted a shadow near. She looked around, once and twice, even three times. However she was not able to see anyone. She walked for hours until she realized that she had gotten lost inside that forest. There was no way for her to return home but she didn't seem to mind for she kept walking determinately as if she was going to find something in her way. Suddenly from the distance she distinguished something moving, it was a carriage, or more concretely a row of carriages. Celestine ran towards them rapidly even though she couldn't exactly explain the reason.

When she was close enough she was able to see a woman sitting in the back of one of the carriages. She was a tall young woman with straight hair and a strict or confident expression and posture. "What do you want here?" the woman asked indifferently as if she saw girls chasing after her carriage every day.

"Umm… please take me with you…" Celestine pleaded trying to sound convincing.

"Huh? Are you out of your mind?" the young woman asked.

"No… I just… I'll work for you! Really!" Celestine begged the woman.

"Hmm… Okay… let's see… get up…" the woman looked at Celestine and held out her hand to her. Celestine took it getting in the carriage and thus began their journey.