Nathanial-Year 2401

:You and this elf seem vary affectionate. Seemed a lot happened while I was away.: Kahal could not suppress as smile as Nathanial hurriedly covered a naked breast. Like he had not seen breasts countless of times, whether they came in two's, four's, or sixes. In the end beasts were made for child rearing, nothing to go gaga over, humans and their modesty was so quaint. It must be why they existed in so many of the galaxy's, the creator just loved their complexities. :I'm sure it was a magical first meeting.: It was so easy to prompt a mind into recalling a moment in time, and just as easy to dive into the memory, and that was exactly what Kahal did.

:This curfew on us is ridicules, just because we had sneaked out the last time the camp was attacked. We are on the battle lines, attacks are kind of expected. We're not deserters. Everyone needs a break sometime: Nathanial griped to Nattily. Half mad at the Council, and half mad that he had not been able to get away so Nattily could take over only an hour before sunset.

:Its fine Nathanial, even if it was only an hour, I had fun. I never had more then that at Pantheon.: Nattily soothed, as she turned into the ally where they had stashed his uniform. Checking that the ally was clear, she let the mask dissolve. He entered the hub, and merged with her. Lifting the necklace she relinquished control. Felling the pain of the transformation take a hold of him.

Nathanial heard a gasp behind him, even in his pain filled haze, he knew that he would have to take care of the problem. He could not afford his double identity to leak back to the council, not with all the time he had taken to conceal it from them.

He grasped his knife, and as soon as the transformation was complete, he called to the wind to lend him their speed. Its steady push from behind was a comforting presence. Clearing his head enough that he did not go strait for the kill.

Before she had a chance to react, he had her pined to the wall, the knife prickling her throat. An elf, no wonder he had not heard her approach. A minute was all it took for the change to take place, and of course someone had to turn in this ally. All week things had gone badly for him.

"The only reason you are not dead right now, is because your corpse would cause such a fuss, but that will not save you if a word about this gets out; do I make myself clear?" When she didn't say anything, he dag the knife into her throat, a pale trickle of blood ran down her ebony throat. "Do I make myself clear?" He repeated as rage started to replace the fear.

"What reason do I have to tell?" She lifted her hand up, gently pushing the blade away, but kept hold of his hand. "A healer never brakes her patients confidence. Loneliness can hurt just as much as any wound. It must have been so difficult to keep such a big secret all on your own. There is no need to be alone anymore."

She gave his hand a caress. Though it sent pleasurable shivers up his arm, it broke the trance that her self-controlled voice, and startling blue eyes had cast upon him the moment she had started to speak.

Enraged by being so easily distracted, he ripped his hand from her grasp, the knife drawing blood in its wake. That there was no expression as she lifted her wrist to suck the blood off, made him want to inflict even greater pain just to see some expression on her face. With a snap he holstered his knife.

All throughout their confrontation she had been as expressive as a fish. "Just ask for Andréa the healer, if you wish to find me, and talk."

He felt his anger rise higher, how dare this little elf make such assumptions, he was perfectly fine. "Thanks, but no thanks. Now get out of my sight." He turned his back on her. The council was waiting. He bent down, and removed his uniform from the crate where he had hidden it. By the time he changed, and looked back, she was gone. "Good riddance"

He broke the connection with a laugh. :A knife to the throat. How romantic.:

:Shut up.: Ah, young love.

authors note

I know excerpts are lame, but their is a reason this one has it and that it because it has gender bending. Not the hottest topic, and I know it will turn some of you away so I decided to come right out with it; because I want you to decide now if you can stand to read the story, then come 10 chapters in when the first change takes place and become like what the? I wouldn't have read it if I'd known there was going to be gender bending in it. I think its cute the way they met, and it's going to be a while before you get either Nathanial's and Andrea love connection or Kahals or Aideen. Its to tide you over. As with excerpts, this will be my last authors note. I hope you are ready to be drawn into a world of chaos, magic, space traveling creatures and new twists on some classic fantasy characters like the elf.