Messing With my Best Friend Part two

I told her that you're
Dating him, and she
Is nothing more than heart broken
Then, I talked to him
With quite a bit of screaming and
Yelling, mostly from me, and
I questioned him, over texts,
And he answered wrong each time
And now, I'm almost to pissed to rhyme
Then, because she asked,
I showed her the conversation
And she cried on my shoulder
How could he have said
Some of the things he said?
Especially about my best friend!
Now he gets to deal with me
My best friend is more than just that
She's like a sister to me
And that makes her family
And that will more than likely
Make me over-protective of her
So, if he thinks, even for a second,
That he isn't going to have to
Deal with me, well then
He is dead wrong
Because I'm coming