Communicating with Eternity

Synopsis: Michelle considers herself a 'normal' middle-aged woman until she begins seeing orbs of light. She thinks her eyes might be decieving her, so she has them checked by her optomitrist. Her vision is better than normal. Matters only become stranger from that moment on when she sees billboard signs change suddenly and she feels as if she is going insane. Everything starts to becoming blindingly clear when she is met by the woman she comes to know as her Guide.

Chapter 1-Questioning Her Eyesight

Michelle Zoeller was a single woman in her mid-thirtees who had a successful job, a loving dog and cat at home, family, friends and relatives that adored her. She could state without a shadow of doubt that she enjoyed her life and she had nothing to complain about.

One night, as she was sleeping, Michelle kept waking up to sensations of cold around her room. It was winter, but the house was heated by a furnace. Confused, she arose from bed and looked around her room. There were orbs of light, mainly blue, white, yellow and orange, floating about her room. They seemed to be bouncing off one another; a method of playing perhaps ?

She wasn't certain what these were, but she had read on phenomena like this before. Despite this, she felt that she couldn't trust her own eyes and called her optomitrist immediately.

Doctor Blum had known Michelle for a long time. In fact, she had been one of his first patients when his practice first opened. He examined her and nothing was out of the ordinary.

"I don't know why you called me, Shelly.", he said, calling her by her favorite appellation.

"I just wanted to be positive I wasn't losing my mind.", Michelle stated, frankly. The Doctor didn't know what all of this was about but he didn't press further. Michelle felt that her dealings with the paranormal were over and done with, but she was sadly mistaken. The orbs were merely the beginnings of an awakening that would change her life dramatically, forever.

Chapter 2-I Saw The Sign And It Opened Up My Eyes

Not only was Michelle continuing to see orbs (and keeping a camera just to be sure she wasn't totally loca), she was noticing billboard signs that seemed to speak directly to her.

'Don't be afraid, just trust.', one said. When she blinked her eyes, the message vanished. Other signs became noticable to her on her drives back and forth to work. Melissa started to think of getting in touch with a psychiatrist even though she felt perfectly alright. She had no idea what to do or where to go. The signs she had seen were extremely convincing and reassuring. The only course of action that made any logical sense to her at the moment was speaking to her parents about what she was feeling and experiencing. Without further ado, she had lunch with her parents at the local diner, knowing that nobody else would even hear her story over the clattering of china and flatware or chattering voices.

'Mom, I don't know what's happening. Since I was a girl, unusual happenings have occured with me. It began with night terrors. Eventually, they went away. I recalled my past lives. I accept them as what was and know who I am. But this, this is different. Why am I seeing billboard signs inexplicably give me oracles ? Why am I seeing orbs ? Sometimes I even see black amoeba-like creatures in the bathroom at night. I have read about them before but I don't fear them. They leave me alone before long. I think they get tired of how positive I am and give up.', Michelle said, feeling that everything she was telling her mom and dad made her sound like a nutcase. She laughed to ease any tension. It was the least she could do to add some levity to the discussion.

'If you must know, honey, I have been the same. I can see the dead and speak to them. It started when I was young with your grandparents. I would often have conversations with great grandpa and grandma, who long since left the world. Grandma would be amazed at my accuracy of description of him. Same old man, same dress and pipe. Even the smell of cloves accompanied his entrance. He comes to visit his daughter and son-in-law just to check up on them.', Michelle's mother, Tiana said.

'We're with you no matter what happens. I have seen stranger things than you have. I always wondered when you would realize you had the gift yourself.', Michelle's dad, Charles, stated, hugging her from the side. Though petrified, she admitted talking to her mom and dad in her favorite watering hole had calmed her fears quite a bit. Little did she know that the veil was about to be lifted in her life and the unusual was about to become every day.

Chapter 3-Evangeline

It was a long day and Michelle had come home from work. Tibbs, her cat, was sleeping quietly on a windowsill. Her rather large but tawny Rhodesian Ridgeback, Brutus, was happy to see her, jumping and wagging his tail. She went outside to play with him a bit before going upstairs and settling down to sleep. Before long, Tibbs joined her and Brutus slept at the foot of her bed, perfectly quiet.

In her dream, Michelle was walking along the most green garden that one could've ever imagined. It expaneded into a garden, full of Grecian architecture. The ruins began to look Roman, even Atlantian in design. She pinched herself but unlike other dreams, she could feel her own pinch.

'Oh, fantastic.', she thought, sarcastically. She hadn't had a lucid dream in years. The last time she had experienced one it had signaled the death of a very close friend of hers and she wanted to think that she didn't have any psychic ability or connection to the supernatural. She supressed it as best she could, and now it had resurfaced. Granted, Michelle was not happy with this revelation.

'Don't be frightened, Michelle. I know this isn't the first time you've had a reverie such as this.', said a melliflous voice from ahead. It was a woman in dazzling white, unlike her normal clothes. Compared to her skin color, the woman resembled a moonstone and she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her hair was flaxen, long and shimmering in the sunlight. Michelle felt a sense of peace down to her very matrix.

'What's happening to me ?', Michelle asked, filled with so many questions.

'First, I'm Evangeline. I'm your Guide. Don't worry. I'll explain everything. Walk with me.', Evangeline said, with pep in her step. Evangeline answered each question, no matter how miniscule or 'seemingly dumb' it was, according to Michelle's estimate. Evangeline revealed to Michelle that she was a rather special human being, that she could communicate 'beyond the veil'. Only a very few human beings ever had this sort of opportunity. She was seeing interdimentional beings that could not be percieved without truly taking notice.

'They were just making their presences known to you. You're like a massive lantern. All of them are drawn to your glow.', Evangeline stated. Michelle was taken aback, not really certain how to answer.

'It's a lot to absorb, I am fully aware. So long as you keep yourself grounded in your spiritual practices, negative influences and energies will be expelled. They tend not to like such energetic ones as yourself. Fliers though, are a whole other story. You do have trees in your backyard, right ?', Evangelline said. She wasn't really sure what trees had to do with anything, let alone their importance. She explained trees were sacred and fended off evil spirits such as those.

'Now that I am more in tune, or becoming more so, I suppose I can help more people. I don't want to simply make profit for profit's sake.', Michelle confessed. Evangeline already knew this. In her past lives, she had helped countless people before but in that time people were more superstitious and she had been found out. Unluckily, this was during the Inquisition and she was burned at the steak for practicing sorcery, witchcraft and being a supposed heretic and 'blasphemer'. She wouldn't have to worry about such issues now.

'I can only tell you to be careful with whom you let into your life.', Evangeline cautioned. Michelle gently grinned. She was already careful with her choice of friends and her intuition was never wrong about first impressions strangers made upon her. She had known that there was someone special in her life that she had begun seeing only recently. His name was John. John and she were best friends and often hung out together at the local bookstore during the weekends. They'd also catch a flick at the local cinema from time to time. Their relationship was becoming serious but she was cautious. Other men in the past had run whenever she mentioned her ability to them. Most of the time, guys were just interested in being physical with her but Michelle was a lady, and a few guys had hurt her deeply when she was younger a more naive. She still had kept herself pure and John was perfectly fine with her decision. He treated her like a queen, but she had never told him the truth. Honestly, she was petrified that if she did, he would bolt like all her other past beaus had. They were still friends with her, but that is all they ever saw Michelle as; the good friend, the shoulder to cry on, the therapist, the proverbial 'listening ear'. She sighed.

'I suppose you can't tell me what lies ahead for myself in my love life...', Michelle began, sounding slightly melancholy. Evangeline knew her heartache all too well, but she had known that she and John were kindred souls and had met each other again in this present time line. She didn't want to spoil the surprise for them but she put a supportive arm around her companion.

'Don't fret too much about that. You're going to do a lot of good for many people. Thanks to your input, more people are going to start thinking more seriously about just how thin the veil is becoming.', Evangeline said, patting Michelle on the back. It reminded her of how her grandmother used to pat her back when she was just a baby, playing merrily with her, being 'flown' around the room like a mini airplane. The image burst into her memory vividly and then disappated quickly as the warm light began to penetrate her lucid dream. Suddenly, the sun soaked into her skin and awakened her. She felt relieved she had a Guide on her side, and Angels besides. She accepted this 'gift' as Evangeline had called it. It would bring some unexpectedness into her existance but at least she could connect the 'dead' with their relatives on this side of 'reality'.

Chapter 4-True Love Will Out

John had felt an inkling to get in touch with Michelle again during the weekend. He wasn't certain if he wanted to tell her exactly how he felt about her since their first meeting at Barnes and Noble, but he couldn't shake the thought of not being close to her. Their friendship had carried them both through good times and bad, and he understood her abilities. None of that frightened him, and he didn't feel it was unusual at all. After all, he had talents of his own that others would've deemed 'out of this world', like his uncanny ability to calm others just by being in the same room with them.

Not long into the evening, John picked up his cell and dialed Michelle. She was at home, watching the mid-afternoon news. He had a plan to propose to her at Barnes and Noble to begin a new 'chapter of love' with her. Since it was some place they frequented, it would always hold special significance, but now even more so. He already foresaw what her reaction would be and couldn't wait to experience it in real time.

Michelle was already savoring her mocha chai latte and biscotti when John pulled out a dark plum velveteen box. She had hunches that John always felt strongly about her but never this much. Keeping her jubilant tears to a minimum was a definite challenge, but it didn't really matter. In his presense, it was completely permissable to be her most authentic self knowing that he understood her even more than Michelle's own mother did.


A year passed and Michelle became Mrs. Carolle. With John's help, she started her own program on TV, writing books and helping clients face to face. Thanks to her ability to 'see' and 'hear' those who had passed on and help those who were earthbound, she reunited many families and healed quite a few lives. In time, she was given the gift of a darling son named Frank Ethan. Frank was John's dad, and Ethan was Michelle's. Now the two granddads (and grandmoms of course) could gather at Michelle's house and spoil the little bundle of joy (but within reason of course). Evangeline, though her message had been cryptic in the beginning made perfect sense now. Everything fit together intimately and she knew Evangeline's 'Overseer' had been the One in charge of all of that. Albeit the future wasn't truly determined, it was something the two of them would take each moment, step by step, come whatever may.

The End