-Chapter 1-

A young girl sat in the middle of The Path, wrapping her once bright pink jacket tightly around herself. Tonight she shared her company with a Scottish mouse and a fifteen foot hairy man, but this to her was ordinary now. Ever since she was dumped here in the land of Path, she's seen some very strange creatures. Some of them are very nice, but some will try to eat you in your sleep. The girl learned this the hard way. She was missing her two smallest toes on her left foot from an unfortunately land fish incident.

With a long stick the girl poked at the fire. It was seem strange to have a fire in the middle of a path, but this was no ordinary path. No, this land is one giant donut. The perimeter surrounded by the Drai Ocean and at the its center was the lake Hole. The entire country was, quite literally, one giant path with villages on its outskirts.

The Path itself was at least a mile wide, changing from dirt to brick to cobblestone and occasionally water. That one took her by surprise. There she was walking along and out of nowhere she was over her head in icy cold water. An orange monkey had seen her unexpected swim and began to cackle in a nearby tree.

"You're supposed to go around." It squawked. "I'd get out if I were you. Mr. Bubbles doesn't like people in his pond."

"Well I don't like his pond!" She snarled, so fed up with this place. She swam to the edge and began to climb up when something grabbed her leg. She let out a cry. "What is that?"

The monkey stopped laughing. "Mr. Bubbles!" He cried in terror and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

It had been a terrible experience. Mr. Bubbles turned out to be a very pissy seagiraffe and he was none too pleased with her. She learned the hard way that Mr. Bubbled had a razor tongue. He'd wrapped it around her neck and gave it a good squeeze. Needless to say it didn't kill her, but it left one hell of a scar.

"Where are ye headin'?" The mouse boomed, his voice louder than a connon.

"Ahead." She'd learned not to be specific.

The mouse chuckled. "Ah, a cautious one. Yer right to be cautious here lass, but don't worry, neither I nor Bumkiss will harm ye."

"That's right." Chimed in Bumkiss with a high pitched squeak.

"Me names Batch." The mouse took a seat on a fallen branch. "We're headin' south. Trying to escape the wrath of King Ass."

Not much startles her, but that did. "You have an ass for a king?" She imaged some hairy mans butt wearing a crown.

"Aye. Rumor is he used to be an ass, but was transformed into a man by our former king Chickadee."

It took her a moment to realize he meant donkey. "Why is he so upset?"

"There is a rumor going 'round. Says an outsider has entered our world."

The girl shifted uncomfortably. What was with this world and rumors? Can't they just leave well enough alone?

"A human, pardon my language." Batche spat on the ground.

"Human is a bad word?" She asked.

"Watch yer mouth! It's one thing for an old sailor to say such words, but not a nice young lady. Yer mother would be ashamed."

Her cheeks flushed. "I'm sorry."

Batch eyed her suspiciously "Yer not from around here, are ye?"