"The Other Giving Tree"

Inspired by "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein

Once there was a tree. And every day, the tree waited on her favorite person: the boy. Every day he would come visit her. Every day, he would see her, and they would play together. He would climb her trunk, and she would ignore the bite of his cleats into her tender bark, because she loved him. He would always pluck her leaves so he could play with them and his imagination. But she loved him, so she bore the pain for him. And he would crawl on her old branches, and she would smile as her poor limbs cracked and fractured, because it made him happy.

But one day, the boy did not return. The tree was sad, but she did enjoy her new healthy bark and branches. One day, as she was waving happily in the wind, the boy returned. It was just like old times, but the boy was heavier; he dug and pulled harder than ever before. But she loved him, so she endured his crushing weight. Then, he lay down with his back on her. The tree loved him so much, so she decided to share her twigs with him. Slowly, she let a couple sticks go and sweetly hit him in the face, because she loved him. The boy awoke and did not like the tree's loving gesture, so he got up and forsook the kind tree.

Or at least he tried to do such a mean thing. The tree thought that he was just hungry, so she lovingly pelted him with apples, because she loved the boy. Even as the hail of generosity washed over him, he seemed ungrateful to the loving tree, trying to avoid her act of compassion.

She saw that he wanted to leave, so she let him go, because she loved him. And the boy stayed away a long time. And just as the tree had become used to feeling young again, the boy returned, with a simple request: the tree's limbs or her life. The tree loved the boy so, so she gave him all the branches she had. She sweetly donated all of her appendages toward him, letting gravity deliver her final gift, because she loved the boy. Her limbs held him firmly to the ground, in a loving full-body hug, and she smiled happily, because they were always together now. And the tree sat on the boy. And the tree was happy.