The mystery of the KarKatKatie


This creature is known as the KarKatKatie (CAR-CAT-KATIE)

because of the combination of the cancer-troll known as Karkat, the cat, and a female specimen.

This animal has died out over the years in the north-eastern part of africa and France because it had no more humans to find and eat. In France they suffered from all of the bullshit snails running around.

They live underground in the deep crystal caves of Cray-Cray island and thrive off of insulting other animals and hunting down herds of skittles with it's pack.

Since all are dead, I am currently taking care of the last female KKK ever known to man. After being with it for about 5789765678 fucking hours, i've come to realize it's constant need for skittles. If it doesn't recieve the skittles in the matter of time, it will come to grow hostile with it's host. I've recently has a conversation with her and this is how it went:


"You better wear that skirt or i will fuckin' bite you."


"I swear to god."


"Dude. I fuckin' hate people."

" *Mating-Call* "

At this point she ran off into the distant sunset and ripped open the ribcage of a small 'Skittles'.

That poor motherfucker didn't have a chance.

After a while, it began to learn my name.

So it's twice as scary when she talks in the middle of the night.

'Seth. Are you awake. Seth. Seth.'

Like, hell no.